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General Job Description: The primary function of the Webmaster is to maintain the BSC website so that the organization maintains a positive public image, while conveying important information to and facilitating transactions with prospective and current members, managers, alumni, and other external stakeholders. The Webmaster also supports and maintains BSC web-based applications and facilitates the organization’s use of Google Applications to address communications needs and foster online collaboration.

Specific Job Duties:

1. Website Management: Oversee the design, development and maintenance of the BSC website as a vehicle for communications with prospective and current members, managers, and BSC leaders about the activities and priorities of the BSC, including:
a. Ensure that all information on the website is up-to-date, eye-catching, interesting, informative, positive, and reflects the Board-approved name, logo, and design standards.
b. Guide the creation and implementation of long-term plans to update and improve the BSC website, with improved user interfaces and new website functionality that meets the changing needs of the BSC.
c. Troubleshoot website operations; track site usage/statistics, and monitor site performance.
d. Monitor and improve website security
e. Manage internal users and user permissions; support users in posting content to the website, as well as ensure the BSC’s and users’ information and privacy are protected.
f. Maintain the user interfaces, the security, and the functionality of the website, for example, by addressing error messages, fixing “links”, and implementing security updates.
g. Ensure the accessibility and functionality of the BSC’s website by maintaining and regularly backing up content form the BSC’s web-hosting service.
h. Actively solicit and incorporate new content for the website.
2. Web-Based Application Support:
a. Maintain, improve, and troubleshoot problems with the BSC’s web-based applications, including, for example, the VOC and Workshift.
b. Ensure the accessibility and functionality of the BSC’s web-based applications by maintaining and regularly backing up content form the BSC’s web-hosting service.
3. Management of Supporting Resources. Manage the internal and external software infrastructure and business relationships on which the BSC’s online communication and collaboration depend, including, for example:
a. A web hosting service for various custom, web-based applications and the main BSC website.
b. An Open Source Content Management System for our website (e.g. Drupal) and various extensions built inside of the Content Management System to increase functionality.
c. BSC’s ability to use the Google Applications Education Edition.
d. BSC’s domain names (including bsc.coop and berkeleystudentcooperative.org).
e. Third party consulting support for web development.
4. BSC Email System Management: Develop and maintain the bsc.coop email system (currently implemented through Google Apps’ gmail service) as an effective tool for internal communications, including:
a. Maximize the use of contacts and other mail administration tools available from the Gmail hosted email system.
b. Create and maintain systems for transferring bsc.coop email addresses as member positions turnover.
c. Establish and maintain mechanisms for feedback and help through email, which currently includes responding (with the Operations Manager) to email inquiries directed to help@bsc.coop.
d. Develop and update an email communication guide to facilitate the use of and assist users in maximizing the functionality of the email system.
5. User Support and Training: Act as an online communications resource for house-level officers, Board, executives, staff and other BSC leaders to ensure the effective use of the website and Google Applications including, for example, in-person trainings, training videos, online tutorials, help forums, etc.
6. Social Media Management: Manage and enhance the BSC’s use of other online social media to achieve its communications goals, as outlined in the above-mentioned communications plan.
7. Design Standards: Promote the consistent use of the BSC design standards (including logo and style guide) across all types of BSC electronic communications.
8. General Duties:
a. Respond to emails or formal communications within 2 business days.
b. Other duties as assigned by the Operations Manager.

Required Qualifications:

1. College degree or equivalent.
2. Three years professional experience as a webmaster, information technology specialist, or comparable position.
3. Excellent writing and editing skills.
4. Experience with Google Applications, including Gmail, docs, sites, groups, and calendar.
5. Command of the use of HTML, CSS, and other mark-up languages.
5. Previous experience and/or the ability to learn and work with PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.
7. Fluent in the use of one or more Frameworks and/or web Content Management Systems, such as Laravel or Drupal.
8. Fluent in the use of desktop publishing software, such as InDesign.
9. Experience with using multiple web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)
10. Understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) web design standards, accessibility, and usability.
11. Ability to troubleshoot problems with a web hosting service, utilize hosting service help functions (chat, email, forum, etc), leverage hosting service administrative interfaces (such as CPanel) to fulfill general job requirements, including for example to back-up the website, restore a previous version of the website, and maintain adequate security
12. Experience with online payment methods and e-commerce, particularly for collecting and managing online donations.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. BA or graduate work in computer science, software engineering, information science/management, communications (with a strong emphasis in electronic communication), or comparable field.
2. Experience managing an organization’s use of Google Applications, including Gmail, docs, sites, groups, and calendar (especially the Education Edition).
3. Command of other markup languages, including MediaWiki markup.
4. Familiarity with free and open-source software use and development.
5. Knowledge of Linux-based operating systems for web server use.
6. Experience living in and/or working with cooperatives.

Additional Requirements: Work is performed in a normal office environment and requires the ability to operate a computer keyboard and engage in repetitive motions.

Hours per Week: 20 hours

Basic Wage: Level 11 to 17

Immediate Supervisor: Operations Manager

Hired By: Staff Hiring Committee

Terms of and Conditions of Employment: BSC Employee Association Contract