VI.J. BSC Programs Board

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General Description

The Programs Board is responsible for planning and executing BSC-wide programming in order to promote member education and engagement across the cooperative. Specifically, the Programs Board should host a minimum of ten events each year that are social and/or educational in nature. The Programs Board shall work in collaboration with the Vice President of Experience and Training (VPET), the Experience and Training Committee (ET Com), the Cooperative Experience Manager (CXM), the Member Resources Supervisor, the Member Events Coordinator, and the LEAD Center Coordinator, as well as other relevant parties, in order to fulfill its mission. The Programs Board will have one member Coordinator tasked with facilitating meetings, maintaining communication, and overseeing the management of the Programs Board.

At the beginning of the fall and spring contract periods, the Programs Board will submit a program proposal to ET Com. The proposal should outline the Programs Board’s events for the contract period and include itemized budgets for each event. ET Com will approve the proposal, or ask that the proposal be amended. ET Com will grant funding to the Programs Board using its budget allocation, or other available funds from the ASUC, LEAD Center, or other external sources.


The Programs Board will be comprised of four (4) members and one (1) Programs Board Coordinator. Selected by the CXM.


Members at-large will be compensated at the workshift rate for three hours each week during the fall and spring contract periods and the Coordinator will be compensated for five hours each week.