VI.D. Hal Norton Cooperative House Award

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The Board of Directors, in its sole discretion taking into account the balance remaining in the Board's discretionary fund, may empower the Cabinet Members at Large to solicit nominations in the Spring semester for a house co-operative leadership award in order to recognize a house or apartment site for demonstrating extraordinary co-operative self-governance in the face of a crisis that tests co-operative values or in pursuit of a new opportunity to advance cooperative values.

The Board shall solicit nominations for the house cooperative leadership award not later than the first Board meeting after Spring break. Nominations shall be solicited from all co-op properties, including the apartments, and shall be due in time to be reviewed by Cabinet Members at Large at a regularly scheduled Cabinet meeting preceding the final Board meeting of the Spring Semester. Cabinet shall review the nominations as approved by the Members at Large, and Board shall select the recipient of the award. Board shall determine the amount of any financial award which shall be presented to the house, up to maximum award of $1,000, at the final Board meeting of the semester.

[Unchanged since fall 2011]]