V.H. BSC Injury and Illness Prevention Program

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The BSC’s goal in developing and implementing the program is to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, and to comply with applicable laws and regulations in this respect.


There shall be a Health & Safety Director with responsibility for the overall implementation of the program. Their duties shall include:

1. Chairing the Health & Safety Committee.
2. Receiving and evaluating employee concerns regarding workplace safety.
3. Ensuring that inspections are conducted under the program.
4. Ensuring that safety training is conducted under the program.
5. Ensuring that employees are evaluated for compliance with safe work practice.
6. Ensuring the proper maintenance of the program’s records.
7. Maintaining a system for the communication of safety and health issues with employees.
8. Verifying abatement action taken by the BSC in response to recommendations or citations issued by Cal/OSHA.
9. Working with the Human Resources Committee and unit-level Workshift Managers to facilitate the execution of their duties under the program.


There shall be a Health & Safety Committee, chaired by the Health & Safety Director, comprised of the following post-holders:

• Executive Director
• Operations Manager
• Central Office Supervisor
• Central Warehouse (CK) Supervisor
• Central Maintenance Supervisor
• Member Resources Supervisor
• Vice President of Internal Affairs

It shall provide oversight of the program by:

• Meeting twice during each of the Fall and Spring contract periods.
• Keeping written records of the safety and health issues discussed at committee meetings, which shall be available to all employees, and to Cal/OSHA on request.
• Reviewing the results of the periodic workplace inspections scheduled under the program.
• Reviewing investigations into occupational accidents, and the causes of incidents resulting in occupational injury, occupational illness or exposure to hazardous substances, in a workplace.
• Reviewing investigations into alleged hazardous conditions in a workplace.

In addition, it shall be responsible for:

• Making recommendations to the Health & Safety Director for the prevention of future incidents, including the evaluation of employee safety suggestions.
• Developing strategies for abating any hazards.
• Providing assistance to the Health & Safety Director in implementing the program.
• Formally reviewing the program on an annual basis.
• Preparing a report twice during each of the Fall & Spring contract periods for the VPIA to present to the Human Resources Committee.


All employees are responsible for following safe work practices, and such policies, procedures and directives as the BSC may from time to time issue. Employees who fail to do so shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Additionally, all employees are responsible for reporting workplace hazards (including potential hazards) to the Health & Safety Director.


All employees shall receive the on-going training necessary to enable them to perform their duties safely. In addition, those whose duties include the supervision of other employees shall receive training in the hazards and risks faced by the employees under their direction.


Records shall be maintained for a minimum of three years in each of the following areas:

• Workplace inspections.
• Safety training received by each employee, and the evaluation of each employee’s compliance with safe work practice.
• All occupational accidents, or incidents resulting in occupational injury, occupational illness or exposure to hazardous substances in a workplace.

[Board Approved 11/17/11]