V.B. HAPs Procedure

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HAPs Definition: House Approved Projects (HAPs) are medium-scale, permanent capital improvement projects approved by each unit’s council and undertaken by members and/or contractors approved by Central Maintenance. Funding for HAPs is distributed to each unit on an annual basis as part of the BSC budgeting process.

A house wishing to spend HAPS money must follow the following steps:

• Vote in council to spend a certain amount on a detailed project.
• Submit a “HAPS Request Form” to the Maintenance Supervisor.
• The Maintenance Supervisor will then approve the project or veto it on the grounds that it either:
o Did not meet HAPS criteria (see below)
o Although the project meets HAPS criteria, there are unresolved questions about the technical merits of the project or there are more urgent needs in the house to be prioritized under HAPS, or similar projects have proven to be unfeasible in the past.
• If vetoed, the house may reconsider or adjust the project.
• The house may appeal the veto by presenting the project (unchanged from submittal to the Maintenance Supervisor) at CFCom which may vote to pass the project or sustain the veto.
o If a project costs more than $10,000 the house must get approval from CFCom.


A HAPS project must meet the following conditions:

1. Have life
All projects must have a useful life that exceeds five years.
2. Add value to the house
A project must add value to a property such that if the property were to be resold, the presence of the item could add to the selling price.
3. Possess more value than the cost of materials
The finished item must possess value greater than that of the cost of materials, installation, etc.
4. Must be a fixture or permanent construction or installation
No portable object are acceptable, even as part of a larger project. Such items as stereos, computers, etc. must be purchased with an alternate source of funds.
5. Project must cost at least $500.
6. An approved BAPS
A project approved for BAPS but not funded is automatically eligible for HAPS funding and is not subject to the above criteria.


1. HAPS projects should fit into one of these categories:

•Landscaping or gardening
•Safety or maintenance
•Major kitchen appliances
•Energy efficiency or sustainability

2. HAPS projects do NOT Include:

•Network improvements under $5,000. Smaller projects are eligible for funding from the Centralized House Level IT Budget (BSCIT).
•Small, removable kitchen appliances (i.e. blenders).

[Last updated 2017]