Summary of Recent Action & Policy Changes

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Last Board meeting of Summer 2010

• Alteration of Conduct Committee Screening Committee

May 6, 2010

• Student Executive Compensation Change
o President gets 100% stipend, expected hours are 18-22
o VPs get 75% stipend, expected hours are 15-18
• Creation of the Conduct Committee
o ConCom is like AdCom, but for conduct cases.
o ConCom is empowered to interpret and apply PD §VII, and §20 of Member Contract.
o Note: We created a conduct committee, largely to get Cabinet out of the business of adjudicating conduct cases and back into the business of leading and managing the work of the Board, etc. See notes on the OpCom and GovCom google sites.
• Alteration of the bylaws to empower the Conduct Committee to terminate membership
o Creation of Conduct Committee Chairperson position
• Alteration of the Administrative Committee
o Members now serve 1-year terms
o AdCom now explicitly handles only the AdCode and Member Contract (except §20, which is handled by ConCom)
• Alteration of AdCom Chair from 5 hours per week to 3.5 hours per week
• Creation of Advisory Committee
• Capital Affairs Committee changed to full standing committee
• Governance committee made permanent, activated to address specified issues on a semester basis
• Committee composition as follows: FiCom is 5, OpCom is 5, all others are 3-5.
o Each committee may have as one non-voting member a member of the Alumni Board
o No Board rep on MaintCom
o No Board rep on ITCom
• Authorize outgoing VPIA, incoming VPIA and VPOp, and incoming Summer President and VP to make alterations to the Board manual that are necessary for consistency with the totality GovCom’s proposals passed by Board
• Housing Receptionists reclassified as room and board positions at workshift rate
• CW Sup and Assistant CW Sup will both now 25 hours per week in Summer
• Alteration of all Member Resource student jobs
o In Spring 2010 each MR student job was reconstructed from the job advertisement; all job descriptions had been lost. POpCom did not have time to look more comprehensively at the department’s mission, or how each job helps to fulfill it. Accordingly, this work must be continued, hopefully in the Fall 2010 semester. Some changes that were made include the following:
 Disabled Access Coordinator renamed Disability Access Coordinator, new emphasis on advocacy. We might want to change this position to “Accessibility Coordinator”.
 HiCom Chair supervised by ED instead of MRS Supervisor, given responsibility of advertising open positions
 Elimination of Conflict Resolution Coordinator
 Member Events Coordinator now Member Events Coordinator, refocused on member events, supervised by the MRS.
 Coordinator of Outreach, Diversity, and Anti-discrimination still has a role in the hiring process. These functions should somehow be shifted under the supervision of the ED, who has the responsibility for HR within the BSC.
o Alteration of CK student jobs
o Creation of Healthworker program
o Creation of Summer Management Oversight system

April 29, 2010

• Elimination of InfraCom
• Elimination of PopCom
o Split into HR and OpCom
• Elimination of KitchCom2
• Elimination of SafeCom
o HRCom now addresses employment safety
o OpCom and CACom address member safety
o Conduct Committee now handles interpretation and application of the party policy
• Elimination of MSMECom
• Creation of HRCom
• Creation of OpCom
• Creation of ETCom
• Creation of CACom
• Alteration of VPIA
o We should probably change this job to VP of Personnel, and accordingly alter the bylaws to say “there must be at least 4 executives: the president, VPPer, VPOp, and VPFA” or what have you
• Elimination of VPMA
• Creation of VPOp
• Creation of VPME

April 8

• Approved the continuing fiscal sponsorship of the BSFC
• Approved the Cloyne/GSPP MOU draft

March 18, 2010

• Passed 2010-2011 Budget

March 4

• Approved the Rochdale lease amendment
• Revised the Healthcare coverage package to offer two carriers (Aetna & Kaiser) with a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). Formerly the plan was two carriers (Blue Shield and Kaiser) with a Health Savings Account (HAS).
• Altered Spring contract date language in the AdCode (to account for change in UCB scheduling)
• Approved African American Theme House contract addendum
• Created priority assignment for Northside disabled accessible apartments February 11, 2010
• No policies passed (conducted elections, approved CAWs & continued Rochdale lease discussions)

December 10, 2009

• Board selected new finance auditors
• Alteration of summer contracts to fixed periods
• Creation of a Budget assistant
• Revision of OM job description and salary range alteration
• Board facilitator position eliminated (PD I.A.12.)
• AdCom Chairperson position created (PD I.A.12.), and VPIA job description correspondingly altered
• Governance Committee created (PD I.B.14.)

November 12, 2009

• Housing department job descriptions updated to reflect current functions
• Assistant housing supervisor job hours increased to 40 per week
• Housing Assistant position created to help out in busy Spring period with hours from receptionists in the Fall
• Business ethics guidelines adopted

October 9, 2009

• HR Research Group authorized
• HR Administrator job description approved
• House-level management working group authorized (p.55 of Board Packet) August 6, 2009
• BSFC Fiscal Sponsorship through sooner of Fall or until store opens

May 7, 2009

• ED Job Description
• Disaster Readiness Policy (Section V.K of the PD)
• KitchCom (Section I.B.13 of the PD)
• Guest Policy
• BAPS Procedure
• CloyneCom Summer Directive
• POpCom Description
• Hal Norton Cooperative House Award

April 30, 2009

• Member Referenda Policy (I.D. of the PD)
• Elections (I.C. of the PD)
• Cabinet Member-at-Large General Job Description
• ITCom Summer Mandate & Extension

April 16, 2009

• Government Returns (IV.D. of PD)
• Manager Information Reporting (III.A.10 of PD)