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'''Term of Job:'''  One semester (may be extended based on performance)
'''Term of Job:'''  One semester (may be extended based on performance)
Supervisor:''' [[Member Resources Supervisor]]  
'''Hired by:'''  HiCom
'''Supervisor:''' [[Member Resources Supervisor]]  
'''Hired by:'''  [[HiCom]]
'''Expected hours per week:''' 5 hrs/wk (Fall); 8 hrs/wk (Spring)
'''Expected hours per week:''' 5 hrs/wk (Fall); 8 hrs/wk (Spring)

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The Member Events Coordinator (MEC) takes the lead in planning major BSC member events. The MEC ensures smooth preparation, completion, and conclusion of member events—duties may include but are not limited to budgeting, establishing dates and alternate dates, advertising and promoting the event, selecting and reserving the event site, acquiring permits, transportation, tables, chairs, event support and security, signage, emergency plans, and cleanup. The MEC works closely with the Member Resources Supervisors (MRS) and VPET to create professional and well-attended events. The MEC trains and works with Social Managers throughout the semester.

Job Maintenance Tasks

1. Attend MEC training prior to the beginning of the contract period.

2. Interact frequently with the managers and other staff, and consult with past and future executives to develop and ensure a good working relationship with all staff and executives; meet regularly with the MRS and VPET.

3. Ensure continuity in the position by working with predecessors and successors to train the MEC in her/his job duties and to facilitate completion of ongoing projects.

4. Update (at least once a month) a manual and/or google.doc containing the best practices, projects, weekly tasks, workshops, and other resources necessary to perform the MEC position.

5. Organize and conduct the New Member Orientation for Fall and Spring semesters with assistance from VPET and MRS. The New Member Orientation shall take place no later than two weeks after the first day of classes

6. Organize and conduct the annual Co-op Graduation every Spring.

7. Assist the VPET with planning the General Membership Meeting every Spring, in conjunction with other executives and staff.

8. Under the direction of the President, plan the Fall and Spring Board Retreats.

9. Train Social Managers in terms of Party Policy, sexual harassment, and other pertinent issues.

10. Hold one follow-up meeting with Social Managers each semester. Coordinate monthly meetings of the Council of Social Managers.

11. In conjunction with the HEC, prepare and distribute a party safety workshop template to house-level managers each semester

12. Encourage members (especially Social Managers) to collaborate.

13. Help members find funds for events.

14. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Member Resources Supervisor.

15. Keep a project log, including the hours spent on each project, to be submitted to the MRS for review.

16. Attend Member Resources Department meetings, to meet three times per semester.

17. Respond to emails and calls within 24 hours within one working day.

Relationship with Board/Membership

1. Meet with ETCom at the beginning of the each semester to present goals and services and solicit feedback and support.

2. Work with ETCom and other Board committees as needed throughout the remainder of the semester. Attend Board and other committee meetings as necessary.

Entry Level Experience/Education Required

Must be an eligible BSC member for the term of job.

Term of Job: One semester (may be extended based on performance)

Supervisor: Member Resources Supervisor

Hired by: HiCom

Expected hours per week: 5 hrs/wk (Fall); 8 hrs/wk (Spring)