Rochdale/Fenwick Maintenance

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General Job Description: A Rochdale/Fenwick Maintenance Crew member performs basic maintenance, repair and improvement work at the Rochdale & Fenwick apartment complexes and assists in training apartment student crew members in repair and maintenance techniques. A Rochdale/Fenwick Crew member must possess the ability and desire to provide excellent customer service and work effectively in a cooperative, student-run organization.

Job Maintenance Tasks:

Maintenance Responsibilities:
1. Provide prompt and effective response to the maintenance needs of the Rochdale & Fenwick apartment complexes.
2. Perform basic repairs and improvements related to plumbing, heating and mechanical, appliance repair, locksmithing, fire safety, pest-control exclusionary work, carpentry, drywall, and painting.
3. Develop basic written plans/drawings of work to be performed.
4. Daily use of a maintenance request database, including viewing assigned jobs, updating work performed on assigned jobs and communicating with students regarding status of a job.
5. Assist with Preventative Maintenance Inspections and Room Condition Reports and associated follow-up repairs, as needed.
6. Regularly monitor the condition and report the needs of the Rochdale & Fenwick apartment complexes to the Rochdale & Fenwick Apartment Manager in order to ensure that maintenance issues are addressed.
7. Coordinate with outside vendors brought in to perform regular repairs and services.
8. Assist with dump runs and with haul away vendors to support the apartments need to remove large items including furniture, equipment, trash and lawn debris.
9. Other duties as assigned by Rochdale & Fenwick Apartment Manager.
Training Responsibilities:
1. In conjunction with the CM Maintenance Crew and Rochdale & Fenwick Apartment Manager, support and mentor the student apartment maintenance crew.
2. Plan and coordinate workshops for apartment residents on basic home improvement tasks such as patching, painting, making window screens, etc.
3. Attend regular CM Maintenance Crew meetings and monthly BSC Staff meetings.
4. Participate in ongoing personal training and development opportunities.
Skills/Knowledge Required for job performance:
1. Good interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
2. Ability to work well with a diverse array of people, and students in particular.
3. Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
4. Must be able to learn new skills and information quickly and work well under pressure.
5. Ability to become thoroughly familiar with the buildings, major building systems, and most common maintenance issues.
6. Demonstrated ability to work independently.
7. Basic skill with Microsoft Office programs (i.e. Word, Excel), email, google applications, and familiarity with database programs.
8. Basic math skills.
9. Valid California Driver's License and ability to drive a truck.
Entry Level Experience/Education required:
1. Two years of college attendance or equivalent experience working in a college environment.
2. One year (full-time equivalent) experience performing basic-level maintenance for residential buildings.
Physical Requirements:
1. Ability to perform duties in a normal office environment and at BSC properties, both indoors and outdoors in all types of weather.
2. Ability to talk, listen, stoop, kneel, reach, sit, stand, move, walk on uneven terrain, observe and measure physical attributes of properties, distinguish shades of color, and engage in repetitive motions.
3. Ability to lift 60 pounds.
4. Ability to operate a computer keyboard, printer, copier, and telephone.
Additional Requirements:
1. Willingness and ability to carry a mobile phone and respond to call when away from the office environment (during regular working hours).
2. Desire to work with students in a student-controlled environment.
Term of job: Indefinite
Hours per week: 20
Basic pay wage: Hourly, Level 5-8 ($19.83 - $22.95)
Hired by: Staff Hiring Committee
Immediate Supervisor: Rochdale & Fenwick Apartment Manager
Contract: BSCEA

Approved by Board 11/8/18