Project Proposal Application

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Project Proposal Application

The BSC board recognizes that our membership has many great ideas to make the organization a better place that are worth supporting. All BSC members are eligible to apply for a stipend (based on hours worked) to complete individually initiated projects that a committee and the board deems worthwhile. Because of our tight budget and limited discretionary funds, projects and project applications should demonstrate high value to the co-op, the need for such a project, possible foreseen cost savings, and the applicants accountability, commitment to excellence, and follow-through. The guidelines are strict so that only serious candidates will apply and so that approved projects will be expected to succeed. Projects are funded from a joint pool shared by External Affairs Committee, Member Services and Member Education Committee and the Social Manager Coordinator. (Funding Component 5/13/08 BOD).

• Please note that projects with explicit and obvious results and positive outcomes will be favored.
• Please note that workshops and other events can be put on through MSMEcom’s grant program—which allows members to receive up to $250 (though not for member stipends of payment).
• Please note that the application process will minimally take 3 weeks and may take up to 5. Please plan accordingly.

Applications and applicants will first be reviewed at one of four board committees: the president will decide which committee will review the application. Upon approval, the application will be heard at the next board meeting.


• Please Title your application with your full name, date, and all positions held within the BSC (including dates).
• Please give the number of hours necessary for your project.
o The number of hours may be increased by approval of such a motion at board. Board’s evaluation of whether to increase the number of hours approved is encouraged to use the guidelines for a finished project to
o Hours must be submitted weekly to the contact-person/supervisor.
• Please give a brief 3-5 sentence synopsis of what your project is and what its goals are.
• Please submit a thorough and detailed budget if applicable. Please note that this funding can be applied for through this process, but that the purpose behind these grants is to give stipends for time, not materials or resources requiring additional funds. Common acceptable requests would be for printing, posters, inexpensive equipment, etc. If you receive funding, you must keep your receipts to be reimbursed.
o Though your contact-person/supervisor cannot increase the amount of money you receive, they can approve provisions for items not originally on the list. This must be written and signed (an emailed approval with the request in the body of the email is also acceptable). It must be submitted along with the receipts to authorize reimbursement.
• Please submit a thorough and detailed timeline for the entire project, noting points in which progress will be reported to board or a designated supervisor.
o You must make updates and answer questions at all board meetings which take place during the duration of the project. (you can go at the beginning of the meeting).
o You must check-in with/update your supervisor at least every week, and you must meet in person at least once a month.
o The timeline may be changed with approval from the conact-person/supervisor.
• Please submit a thorough and detailed description of the final product of the project and what it will accomplish/its goal.
• Please include a paragraph or two describing either your experience with independent projects and/or evidence pertaining to your ability to follow-through.
• Please include a contact person/supervisor within the BSC whom you have already made prior arrangements with to make regular check-ins about your progress. This person can be an Executive (President or VP) or a full-time central level staff member.
• Letters of recommendations are not required, but will be accepted.

Board Process

• During the application process, Board or ficom may choose to approve a different number of hours (stipend) and may approve for contact-people/supervisors. The applicant may then decided if these changes are acceptable.
• The member must give updates and answer questions at all board meetings which take place during the duration of the project. (You can go at the beginning of the meeting). The supervisor may be sent as a proxy if the member is unable to attend.
• The release of the stipend will proceed as follows:
o The member will present a packet that includes:
• The original application
• The hours log.
• The finished product or a summary of what the project has accomplished.
• An evaluation and recommendation (zero, partial, or full stipend) from the contact-person/supervisor.
o The member will speak about the project.
o Board may ask questions about the project.
o The member shall leave and board may discuss.
o The starting motion shall be the recommendation of the contact-person/supervisor. Board-reps may make alternate proposals (more or less) for the release of the stipend. On each motion, a show of hands will be counted (or roll call); the motion that receives the most votes (and that receives at least the majority of the votes) will be the approved motion.

I understand that I will keep all of my receipts and will only be reimbursed for items a) on my approved budget, b) approved by my contact-person/supervisor, and c) that I have valid receipts for turned into the accountant.
_______ (Initial here).
I understand that if the board may choose to withhold some or all of the stipend if my product is a) not finished, or b) board is not satisfied with the quality of the finished product.
_______ (Initial here).
I understand that it is my responsibility to keep my supervisor and board updated about my project and that failure to do so may result in some or all of the stipend being withheld.
_______ (Initial here).
I understand that I must keep an hourly log of all my work that includes the date, time, activity, hours, and any other information deemed pertinent by my supervisor, ficom, or board.
_______ (Initial here).
I understand that the number of hours that will be approved may change during the application process, and that I may .
_______ (Initial here).
I understand that I can only receive as much stipend as I do hours for (e.g. if my total is 30 hours, and I finish the project at 25, I will only receive a stipend for 25 hours).
_______ (Initial here).
I understand the “Board Process” segment.
_______ (Initial here).
I have read and understood everything.

__________________________________ Signature

________________________________ Date

[Board Approved 2/28/2008;]