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I: Governing Structures

I.A. Board of Directors Elected Positions & Board Positions

I.B. Committees

I.C. Board of Directors Procedures

I.D. Referenda & Petitions

I.E. House-Level Management Councils

II: Administrative Code (AdCode)

Section II of the Policy Manual, the Administrative Code, was formerly called "Membership and Housing"

I: BSC Membership

II: Admission of New Members

III: Reservations by Existing Members

IV: Contract Termination and Disposition of Deposits

V: Assignment of Reservations

VI: No-Shows

VII: Points and Assignment of Rooms

VIII: Check-out Procedures

IX: Semester Rates

X: Non-School Periods

XI: Guests

XII: Payment of Bills

XIII: Delinquent Bills

XIV: BSC Payment Extensions

XV: Interim Cases

XVI: Summer Operations

XVII: The Administrative Committee

XVIII: Appeals

XIX: Firearms

XX: Habitability

XXI: Apartment Assignment Procedure

XXII: Boarders

XXIII: Illegal Rent Sharing (Fishing) Policy

XXIII: BSC Pet Policy

XXIV: Conduct Committee

XXV: PNGS AND Terminations

III: Operations





III.E. Appropriate use of Technology and Electronic Communications

IV: Finances


IV.B. Apartments

IV.C. Houses

IV.D. Government Returns

IV.E. Energy Discounts and Rebates

IV.F. Energy Conservation Fund (ECF)

IV.G. Business Conduct Policies

IV.H Minimum Meeting Minutes Policy

IV.I. Construction Approval Process

IV.J. Investment Statement Policy

V: Physical Plant, Maintenance, & Safety Policies

V.A. BSC Habitability Code

V.B. HAPs Procedure

V.C. Board Approved Projects & House Level BAPs (HLBAPs)

V.D. Unit Retrofit Closure Policy

V.E. Co-op Vehicles

V.F. Room Dimension Requirements

V.G. Bedbug Policy

V.H. BSC Injury and Illness Prevention Program

V.I. BSC Injury and Illness Preventio Program-Workplace Security

V.J. Sustainability Policies

V.K. Disaster Readiness Policy

V.L Disabled Priority Access Plan

VI: Member Services & Education

VI.A. Member Services Guidelines

VI.B. Guidelines for Appropriations Immediate Access

VI.C. BSC Email Subscriber List

VI.D. BSC IT Specifications

VI.E. Hal Norton Cooperative House Award

VI.F. House Level Management Working Group

VII: Conduct Code (ConCode)

Note: the ConCode frequently refers to an "Enforcement Committee" in its policies. The "Enforcement Committee" isn't an actual committee--rather, it is a placeholder term which may refer to either Cabinet, Conduct Committee, or Board, depending on the circumstances of the individual case.

VII.A. Jurisdiction

VII.B. BSC Antidiscrimination Policy

VII.C. BSC Harassment Policy

VII.D. BSC Harassment Grievances Procedure

VII.D. BSC Sexual Harassment Policy

VII.E. BSC Sexual Harassment Grievances Procedure

VII.F. BSC Alcohol Policy

VII.G. BSC Substance Abuse Policy

VII.H. Distribution/Manufacturing/Cultivation Policy

VII.I. BSC Party Policy

VII.K Staff-Issued Conditional Contracts


VII.M. Host Policy