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===[[IV.B. Apartments]]===
===[[IV.B. Apartments]]===
===[[IV.C. Houses]]===
===[[IV.C. Houses]]===
1. If a house finishes spring semester over budget, that house will be billed, through check-out slips, by the central office,
to cover that debt. Members shall be billed no more than 10 percent of their rent.
2. Whenever a house’s debt becomes $10 or dangerously close to $10 per person, the accountant shall write members a
letter explaining the situation and describing what they can do about it.
3. Any house deficits shall be pro-rated by C.O. and charged to every member.
4. Payroll compensation [for room only house summer managers] shall be budgeted at 1/30 manager per person.
5. The savings a unit accrues from its budget will be credited to that unit’s account.
6. To institute a semesterly house audit system whereby central-level managers review all non-centralized house accounts
for the sole purpose of presenting regular, complete and accurate financial reports to members. Any and all financial
information discovered by the audits must be presented to the appropriate house council. Casa Zimbabwe, Hillegass-
Parker House, Cloyne, Fenwick, and Rochdale will be reviewed twice per semester.
7. All houses shall have two signatures on bank accounts and the accounting manager must be one of those signers.

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