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:changes in [[VII.E. BSC Grievance Procedure]]
:changes in [[VII.E. BSC Grievance Procedure]]
*removed member advocate from "board-elected positions"
*removed member advocate from "board-elected positions"
:changes in [[I.A.11. MEMBER ADVOCATE]]
:changes in [[I.A.11. MEMBER ADVOCATE]]

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Summer 2012


  • graduate studies on filing fee are now eligible members
changes in Section I: BSC Membership of the AdCode
  • overhauled non-appointee voting on committees.
changes in I.B. Committees


  • No changes to policy.


  • No changes to policy.

Spring 2012


  • updated "guidelines for sending e-mails"
changes in VI.C. Guidelines for Sending E-mails
  • updated "energy conservation fund" policy.
changes in IV.G. Energy Conservation Fund (ECF)
  • added changes to grievance procedure following creation of Conduct Investigator.
changes in VII.E. BSC Grievance Procedure


  • removed member advocate from "board-elected positions"
changes in I.A.11. MEMBER ADVOCATE
  • added single fractional transferable voting for multiple winner elections.
changes in I.C. Board of Directors Procedures

Fall 2011


  • Modified executive session policy
changes in I.C. Board of Directors Procedures


  • Passed Employee Handbook
[will create new section for this]
  • Created Termination Appeals Body
changes in XXVII: PNGS AND Terminations#XXVII.C. APPEALS PROCEDURE for TERMINATIONS and small changes in XXVII: PNGS AND Terminations#XXVII.B.5 Screening Requirements and XXVI: Conduct Committee
  • Changed name of "Dwight Way Feasibility Committee" to "Barrington Hall Feasibility Committee"
-changes here


  • Created AdCom Appeals Screening Committee and changed the AdCom Appeal Process
changes in XVIII: Appeals


  • Changed date by which executive elections must take place
I.C.4 I.C. Board of Directors Procedures
  • Passed new BSC Injury and Illness Prevention Policy
V.H. BSC Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • Added cooperative movement party steering committee
I.B. Committees
  • Amended Party Policy
VII.J. BSC Party Policy


  • Manager transition process
Added requirement to attend transition meetings in III.A.3.C
Added section 5 to III.A.1
  • EA funding policy
Renamed and expanded section IV.A.4 IV.A. BUDGETS


  • Added capitalization policy
Created the new section: IV.L Capitalization Policy
  • Added new Sexual Harassment policy
Replaced all of VII.E. Residential Sexual Harassment Policy and changed the name slightly
  • Grievance Procedure
Deleted old grievance procedures, added new section VII.E. BSC Grievance Procedure
  • Whistleblower policy
Created VII.F. BSC Whistleblower Policy

Summer 2011

Evacuation Drill (8/4)

- Uploaded Evacuation Drill policy onto V.K. Disaster Readiness Policy.

Social Manager Training (8/4)

- Added 7.D. of the BSC Party Policy.

Unit-level IT Coordinator Job position (8/4)

Executive Votes of Confidence (8/4)

Conflict of Interest Policy (8/4)

-Added to Section XXVI of the AdCode Policy. Approved at Board 8-4-2011.

Capital Campaign Committee (8/4)

- Added Section I.B.17 to Committee Descriptions. Approved at Board 8-4-2011.

Peer Support Group Network Coordinator Position (8/4)

- Added the volunteer job to job descriptions. Approved at Board 8-4-2011.

[| Dwight Way Committee (8/4) ]

- Added to section I.B.16 to committee descriptions. Approved at Board 8-4-2011.

Fundraising Consultant Job Description (7/14)

Member Events Coordinator job description (7/14)

Advisory Committee Project Proposal (6/23)

Spring 2011

Conduct Committee Size Changes

IB5 Audit Committee Description changes

Energy Conservation Fund

Updated XXVC1 Appeals Procedure from 4/28/11

2011 Summer Board of Directors Description

section XXIV Trial Policy Exception, approved at 4/28/11 meeting

Personnel Code IVB on late applications from 4/7 Board Meeting

Added section, approved 4-7-2011 at Board

Section IB12 ITCom description approved at Board 4-28-11

Added Investment Management Committee, approved at Board 2/10/11

BSC Pet Policy Exception

HAPS Procedure 4-7 Board

Personnel Appeals Committee Size Changes, passed 4/7 Board

Updated section VII.G. Substance Abuse Policy, approved at 4/28 Board

BSC IT Plan, approved 4-7

III.A.4 House level VOC Policy, 4-28-11

Council of WRM and Social Managers, 5-5-2011

Added Section III.A.1.4, Summer house officer training requirements

Added III.A.2, Minor manager training reqs

Fall 2010

Substance Abuse & Distribution Policy-12/9-11 *

Host Policy-12/9-11 *

Revised Workshift Termination Policy *

  • AdCode XVIII and XXVII.B.2

Construction Approval Policy-11/18

Organizational PNG Policy-11/18 *

Staff-Issued Conditional Contracts Policy-11/18 *

Unit Retrofit Closure Policy-11/4

Use of Unit Common Spaces by Third Parties (aka Venue) Policy-11/4

5-Year Disabled Access Plan-11/4

Minimum Meeting Minutes Policy-11/4 *

Missing Persons Policy-10/21 *

  • XXI of adcode

Investment Management Committee Description