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The payroll records shall include a report of all vacations, absences and overtime. Vacation and sick leave absences shall be calculated to the nearest quarter hour.

Every job in the BSC, except house workshifts, shall have a written job description, available for inspection by any member, staff per¬son, job applicant, or recruitment source. Job descriptions for house workshifts (but not for house managerial positions) may be oral, at the discretion of the houses, but must be available upon request to any house member. Job descrip¬tions shall include job duties and responsibilities, minimum skills and experi¬ence required, salary or compensation, and number of hours required for the po¬sition. All job requirements must relate to actual job demands. Job descriptions for Central Level jobs shall be prepared by the Executive Director subject to the ap¬proval of Personnel & Operations Committee.

The Executive Director shall be responsible for the compilation of BSC Personnel Manuals which shall contain: job descriptions for permanent positions; salary levels for all permanent positions; the Personnel Code; and other relevant documents.

It is the responsibility of the Hiring Commis¬sion Chair to create a folder containing the following information to be used for hiring sessions: a semesterly schedule of jobs to be hired; list of who is and is not hired by the Commission; chart of the duties and abilities needed for the various jobs; basic information about the jobs, such as supervisors, wages, advertisements sent out, etc.; the Personnel Code; training materials; a list of current Hiring Commission Members; and the people who should be present during the session.

Written minutes of all Hiring Commis¬sion meetings, Personnel Appeals Committee meetings and complaint/appeal procedures and meetings shall be kept in a confidential file, which shall be avail¬able (in case of further appeal) to the complainant, Board, Personnel Appeals Committee, a Central Office Manager, BSC counsel and any Federal, State or local “fair employment” investigators involved.

A personnel file shall exist for each employee. Each employee’s file shall contain: his/her application for employment, evalua¬tions of job performance, warning letters, grievance records involving the employee, and any other communication between the employee and the BSC.

  1. These files shall be available only to the Executive Director, the Department Supervisor of the employee, and the employee. Review committees created to review an employee’s job performance shall also have access to that em¬ployee’s personnel file.
  2. Employees shall have the right to request the Personnel Appeals Committee to remove information from their files that they consider outdated and/or inaccurate.