IV.Q. BSC Emergency Grant Program

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1. The Grant Fund

a. Emergency grants shall be funded through the Scholarship Fund. See §IV.P.1 of the Policy Directory.
b. At the end of the fiscal year, any unused funds that had been allotted for grants shall be rolled into the Scholarship Fund.

2. Grant Funding

a. The emergency grant program shall be funded out of the annual distribution of funds from the scholarship program.
b. The exact amount budgeted for emergency grants shall be decided by the Capital and Finance Committee.

3. Grant Applications

a. Current members may apply for emergency grants at any time, unless they could reasonably apply for a traditional BSC Scholarship.
b. Applications shall be made through the traditional Administrative Committee request process.
c. The Administrative Committee Chair, Administrative Member Advisor, and Operations Manager may identify good candidates for emergency grants even if they have not specifically applied for a grant.

4. Awarding Grants

a. Grant applications shall be awarded by consensus of the Administrative Committee Chair, the Operations Manager, and the Administrative Member Advisor.
b. Grants shall only be awarded upon the determination of dire unexpected financial need such that, given cost of living expenses and without a grant, the applicant would be unable to remain a member of the BSC.
c. Only in exceptional circumstances should grants be awarded to members not in good standing, e.g. members paying off excessive house bills, in danger of conduct/student status/workshift termination, etc.
d. There is no mandate to disburse the entirety of the grant fund each year.
e. No single grant may exceed $1,000.00, though the amount need not be limited to the charges currently on the applicant’s account.
f. No member may receive a grant more than once per academic year.

5. Grant Distribution

a. Emergency Grants shall be distributed only as rent credit to the applicant’s account and shall only offset rent, room, and/or board charges.
b. Emergency Grants shall not be distributed in any form other than credits to the member’s account.