IV.M. BSC Unit-Level Internet Technology Fund--BSCIT

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BSCIT is a network specification supported by the Network Manager Coordinator that is part of the BSC central IT strategy. Subject to the annual budget approval process, BSCIT is an annual central level fund available for houses and apartments to purchase network equipment to enable their unit to meet the BSC-wide network baseline standards described below.

BSCIT sets the standard for houses to ideally provide:

a. Wi-Fi blanketing the unit which is free from multi-day outages at speed enough for academic purposes.
b. Two Personal Computers for a small unit, three Personal Computers for a medium unit and four Personal Computers for a large unit.
c. Printing Facilities for each unit.
d. Core Network Infrastructure.

The intended purpose of BSCIT is to provide a standard for equipment which units should aspire toward in their IT infrastructures, namely:

a. Bandwidth up to approximately 1Mbps/person of total capacity allowing streaming video large file upload/downloads.
b. Strong Wi-Fi signal strength in each bedroom; 10 to 20 users per wireless access point.
c. “Quality of Service” functionality on the network should the Unit want to use it.
d. A PC or Mac per unit.
e. A network-accessible device with laser printing and scanning functionality.
f. A repository for network managers to share solutions to network problems of the BSCIT system.
g. One security lock per device.
h. One modem, one router and adequate number of switches per unit.


BSCIT funding is prioritized for network related equipment that meets the BSCIT Minimum Guidelines, outlined and updated by the Network Manager Coordinator and Operations Manager each Spring Semester. When needed, IAcom may review the policy and make the necessary amendments in order to ensure adequate internet and technology access to all Members. Minimum standards and suggested models are given for equipment such as routers, wireless access points, house computers, and house printers. These guidelines and specifications can be found on the BSCIT website.


The BSCIT Team will review applications for IT hardware purchases from the BSCIT budget. Houses are only eligible to apply for BSCIT funding only if they have first provided up-to-date network documentation to the Network Manager Coordinator. Requests for funding will be received online through a request form. They will be considered by the BSCIT Team having been screened by the Network Manager Coordinator every 5th and 10th week of the semester. Responses to each request will be given by the 7th and 12th week of each semester. To qualify for Emergency funding the unit must contact the Network Manager Coordinator for consultation as soon as possible.

Funding is prioritized as follows:

1. BSCIT-compliant purchases or emergency repair of preexisting BSCIT-compliant wares.
2. Improvements or emergency repairs of wares that are non-BSCIT, but BSCIT-equivalent in supporting performance goals.
3. Other purchases at the BSCIT Team's discretion.

The BSCIT Team is comprised of the Network Manager Coordinator, and Operations Manager. [Last modified November 2019]