III: Reservations by Existing Members

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A. Members must submit their Reservation Agreement cards on or before the date set by the Operations Manager if they intend to make a reservation for the new contract period.

1. Members who fail to meet the deadline date may submit reservations up to noon the following Monday after this date, but will receive a $5.00 assessment.
2. Members who submit their Reservation Agreement cards after this second date will receive priority under Section V.A.2.
3. Members wishing an extension of this deadline date must receive approval in advance from the Operations Manager.

B. After the deadline, the Housing Supervisor shall make up an official house list of all returning members for each house. Such lists shall be posted by the house. Members are responsible for checking this list to make sure that their Reservation Agreement card has been received.

C. Contracts shall be distributed to each person whose name appears on the above lists. The applicant shall obtain the necessary signatures on the contract and return a copy to the BSC office by the specified deadline. Spring contracts shall only be distributed to new and transferring members.

1. Failure to return the contract by the due date shall result in cancellation of the reservation. All such members will

receive priority under Sections V.A.2 and 6.


1. Members accept all responsibility for non-delivery of mail or non-receipt of faxes.
2. The BSC shall not be responsible for non-receipt of documentation unless the member can furnish evidence proving otherwise.