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II.A. Application

1. Each applicant shall fill out an application blank, sign the application agreement, and pay the required deposit upon filing an application.

2. At the time of entrance into the organization, the applicant shall pay such charges as specified in his/her contract and section IX of this code.

3. A new BSC member’s fee, will be $50, to be paid upon the signing of the contract, $40 of which will be refundable and shall go towards the deposit.

4. An application may be submitted on behalf of an unnamed applicant by a department head or faculty sponsor when such an applicant is to be a participant in a University authorized program to aid disadvantaged students or foster cultural exchange. Qualification under this provision is to be determined by the Administrative Committee. Such applicants shall conform to all regular provisions of assignment and deposit forfeiture.

5. Applicants are wholly responsible for a timely receipt of application documentation; mail, e-mail or fax non-delivery will be the individual’s responsibility

II.B. Application Numbers

1. An application number shall be assigned chronologically with each application accepted.

II.C. Deposits:

1. A waiting-list deposit shall be required for the acceptance of an application as a resident. Half the deposit shall be required for the acceptance of a boarder application. EOP/AA students shall be eligible for a reduced deposit. A security deposit shall be required for the acceptance of a contract. Deposit amounts shall be specified in the contract.

2. A member whose deposit is in the Building Fund shall not be required to pay another deposit when reapplying for active membership; that portion of his/her deposit which was pledged to the Building Fund shall be reactivated upon his/her re-application for membership, at which time it shall become subject to all the BSC rules of forfeiture, as follows:

a. In the event that part of the deposit is forfeited, the forfeited portion must be replaced when reapplying for active membership.
b. Income derived from forfeited deposits that have been pledged to the Building Fund shall accrue to the benefit of the Building Fund.

3. Deposits are refundable to members upon written request when they leave the BSC according to the provisions of the contract if they have no reservation for the following semester. If a student satisfactorily fulfills the terms and conditions of his/her contract, the deposit will be refunded after the last semester of residence and after all outstanding bills are determined and paid.

4. When a member leaves with an unsettled account, the amount owed shall be deducted from his/her deposit and the balance, if any, refunded.

a. If attempts to collect bills greater than the deposit amount are unsuccessful, outstanding bills at the central level will have the first claim on deposit money, followed by outstanding bills on the house level
b. In the event of forfeiture up to one-half of the remaining deposit will be available for the house bills if efforts to collect outstanding bills are unsuccessful.

5. AB540 Students: The BSC is a safe space for all students regardless of immigration status. It is the stance of the BSC that students including undocumented students have the right to affordable housing within the coops. If staff encounters AB540 UCB students who may qualify for, but have not applied to the EOP program, staff will refer such students to the EOP program.

II.D. Contracts:

1. All BSC Contracts and Leases are incorporated into this document as if fully set forth in their present form, as are all future revisions to be effective when published. When conflicts appear, the provisions of the Contracts and Leases will take precedence over those of the Administrative Code.