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President General Job Description: The President’s chief responsibility is to serve as the student leader and official representative of the BSC. The President is responsible for ensuring that the decision-making processes of the Board and its Committees function smoothly and for promoting the general welfare of the corporation. The President ensures the flow of information to the Board, the Central Office Staff, House Level Management, and Membership, and, as chair of the Cabinet, the President facilitates the communication among the other Executives. The President serves as an information resource for the Board, Staff, House- Level Management, and Membership. The President shall also ensure that our long-range planning needs are being met by ensuring that at least one of our major planning documents are reviewed each semester. The President is the supervisor of the VPIA, VPFA, VPEA, VPMA, VPCA, VPO, and Board AA, and shall, therefore, supervise the performance of their duties and train, assist, fill in for them, and delegate duties as necessary. The President chairs Cabinet (the Executive Committee) and Board. The President shall meet regularly with the Executive Director. Also see the BSC Executive Job Description.

President Administrative Tasks

1. Shall attend the weekly meetings of the Central Office Managers and convey to Central Office Managers any problems observed or reported about the Central Office or their job performance. Shall enforce Board and Cabinet directives to the Central Office managers.
2. Shall supervise and train the Board and Cabinet Administrative Assistants. Responsible for insuring the initial training of all board AAs.
3. Send out Board Packet including board agenda and minutes for all committees for Board Meetings at least three days before each board meeting is to take place.
4. Review and edit all Board and Cabinet minutes prior to their distribution. Review all committee minutes and assure assembly and distribution of the Board Pack.
5. Shall conduct two evaluations of the Vice Presidents each semester.
6. Purchase gifts for employees departing in good standing in consultation with their supervisor (as per III.K.2. of the Personnel Code).
7. Distribute holiday bonuses to employees as determined by the Executive Director.
8. Sign documents on behalf of the BSC as necessary.
9. Terminate members in accordance with the by-laws.

President Board Tasks

1. Facilitate all summer meetings of the Board of Directors or delegate this task.
2. Facilitate all meetings of the Cabinet of the Board of Directors.
3. Communicate to the Managers on a regular basis regarding the implementation of all Board policies and directives.
4. Shall coordinate advanced semesterly planning of the BOD and the General Membership Meeting. Along with the Executives the President will coordinate the semesterly planning of committee meetings.
5. The President must conduct board trainings every semester. The President may make the Fall training overnight. No votes shall be taken regarding BSC business.
6. Call all meetings as necessary in accordance with the By-Laws.
7. Shall train and organize the Executive Director Review Committee.

President Committee Tasks

1. Convene and preside over Cabinet meetings and during emergencies as necessary.
2. Report to the Board of Directors all actions by Cabinet.
3. Chair the Manager Review & Manager Dismissal Committees as per the Personnel Code.

Other President Tasks

1. Communicate with the press, City officials, BSC neighbors, and the community as necessary.
2. Attend University, City, and other outside agencies’ meetings as necessary.
3. Develop contacts with other student cooperatives and keep the BSC in touch with the worldwide cooperative movement.
4. Shall supervise the other Executives in the performance of their duties and shall assist and fill in for them as necessary. S/he shall assist the Vice-Presidents in the writing of their proposals for the Board of Directors and shall attend their committee meetings as necessary.

Term of position: Fall, Spring, or Summer

Supervisor: Board of Directors

Hired by: Board election

Expected hours per week: 18-22

Compensation: Stipend equal to 100% of room and board rate