I.A.2. BSC Executive Job Description

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Executive Administrative Tasks 1. Interact frequently with the Managers and other Staff, and consult with past executives to develop a good working relationship with all staff. Shall meet regularly with committee’s designated manager.

2. Ensure continuity by working with predecessor. Train successor & help facilitate completion of ongoing projects; assist in planning of trainings & orientations; & refer unresolved committee issues. Invite successor to shadow regular executive business for remainder of term.

3. Send out agenda for each committee meetings at least two days prior to meeting.

4. Review & edit committee minutes prior to their distribution; email to President & Board AA.

5. Shall train and supervise committee Administrative Assistant(s).

6. Initiate and carry out other projects and tasks as necessary.

7. Prepare a detailed exit document and pass on all pertinent materials to successor Executive Board and Committee Tasks

1. Attend all Board and Cabinet meetings.

2. Chair all meetings of their designated committees.

3. Do the necessary research for the smooth functioning of designated committees.

4. Report to the Board of Directors regarding all actions of designated committees.

5. Actively bring problems with current structure of policy to the attention of committees.

6. Place urgent issues on Cabinet agendas.

7. Insure that items from committees are consistent with and/or work towards Long Range Plan.

8. As Cabinet assist President and Executive Director with work on Long Range Plan

9. Work on self-initiated and/or President assigned tasks and projects

10. After elections, newly elected executives must attend cabinet meetings as schedules allow.

11. Twice a semester (middle & end) have committee members fill out feedback forms on other members of the committee. The VP will compile the results and give each member their own individual feedback. Suggested questions could be on performance of the rep, responding at meetings, or general comments. (BOD 2/28/08)

Other Executive Tasks 1. Attend the semesterly training for the Board of Directors & assist the President with training.

2. Attend the New Member Orientation and assist the VPMA in conducting the New Member Orientation each fall and spring semester. Must attend relevant portions of the General Membership Meeting.

3. Attend the Annual General Membership meeting in the spring and assist the VPMA and MEC-Chair in conducting the Annual General Membership meeting.

4. Must attend the first Hiring Commission training of the semester if not already trained.

5. Assist the other Executives in the performance of their duties and fill in for them as necessary.

6. Continuously update (at least once a month) a manual/wiki containing the best practices, projects, weekly tasks, workshops, and other resources necessary to perform position. (BOD 3/20/08, c.f. 2/7/08)

7. Update a “work log” weekly to be sent to the President for review. The President log must be available to the PRC. This document will be for the Executives and board.” (BOD 3/20/08, c.f. 2/7/08)


Eighty percent of the stated compensation is guaranteed. The remaining twenty percent is withheld and subject to a compensation election(s) during the semester.