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General Job Description

The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors, and is responsible for ensuring that the Board oversees the long-range strategic, annual, and financial plans of the organization. S/he promotes effective external relations and continuing relationships with the BSC's alumni. S/he oversees staff, and assists them in their efforts to educate members to be effective participants in the BSC's governance. S/he is responsible for ensuring that the BSC fulfills its mission of providing quality, low-cost cooperative housing to students. S/he provides leadership to the membership, the staff, and the Board of Directors, in order to ensure that all departments and programs of the BSC operate in a cost effective manner consistent with cooperative principles of democratic, participatory decision-making.

Specific Responsibilities

1. Ensures the development of key strategies and vision related to strategic and long-range planning, and provides active leadership to the BSC's student—run Board of Directors, working collaboratively with the Board's executive officers, in order to implement these policies and plans.
a. Regularly attends Board and Cabinet meetings in order to perform this role.
b. Attends Internal Affairs Committee, Capital and Finance Committee, and Experience and Training Committee as appropriate in light of the issues being addressed.
c. Serves on other time—limited or special purpose committees at the request of the Board
2. Supervises the BSC Management team’s efforts
a. Oversees the Operations Manager's leadership of the BSC departments and programs responsible for the smooth functioning of centralized operations.
b. Oversees the Cooperative Experience Manager’s leadership of the BSC departments and programs responsible for educating members and supporting house management.
c. Oversees the Finance and Accounting Manager’s leadership of the BSC’s financial and capital health and stability.
3. Ensures the organization’s compliance with employment and labor laws and best practices in the workplace.
a. Provides overall leadership to BSC employees.
b. Advises the Board of Directors in collective bargaining negotiations.
c. Trains and supports the Hiring Committee Chair and ensures compliance with fair hiring practices.
d. Ensure that all BSC employees are hired, supervised, disciplined, and fired in accordance with the Employee Association Contract and the Employee Handbook
e. Chairs regular meetings of the Safety Committee and acts as the BSC Safety Director.
4. Oversees long range fiscal planning in order to ensure the continuity and solvency of the organization.
a. Oversees annual and semester financial analysis and the preparation of annual and semester budgets.
b. Reports regularly to the Board on the financial health of the organization.
c. Reports to the Board on short-term and long-term risks to the BSC and promotes effective risk management.
d. Plans and chairs Investment Management Committee meetings.
e. Regularly attends Audit Committee and supports the auditors in identifying management weaknesses and ensuring that they are appropriately addressed.
5. Oversees long range physical plant and capital asset planning.
a. Reports regularly to the Board on the condition of the organization‘s real property and recommends plans for investing in the replacement and repair of building systems.
b. Collaborates with the Central Maintenance Supervisor and the Board to develop and implement long term seismic, disabled access, and energy efficiency improvement plans. a i
c. Recommends short-term and long—range plans for increasing the BSC's housing capacity to meet community needs.
d. Oversees the compliance with lease terms, regular review, and re-negotiation of leases for properties not owned by the BSC.
6. Oversees Development and external Communications:
a. Serves on the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association and actively participates in its programs and committees.
b. Ensures that the BSC and the Alumni Association share a common understanding of fundraising goals and plans.
c. Pursues other fundraising on behalf of the BSC.
d. Oversees external and internal communications to promote the goals of the BSC.
7. Acts as the primary public and community relations contact for the BSC and works with outside agencies including banks, universities, lawyers, insurance companies, and government officials to fulfill this role.
8. In conjunction with Cabinet, develops, recommends, and supervises the specialized projects carried out by the Project Management Intern.
9. Reports regularly to The Board and its committees, provides continuity and institutional memory, and makes recommendations on policies and procedures.
10. Provides support to the Board of Directors and executive officers in their efforts to inform and engage the membership in the democratic processes of decision-making in the BSC
11. In conjunction with the Board of Directors, actively supports leadership development opportunities for co-op members, both in the organization’s operations and Within the larger co-operative movement.
12. Other duties as required by the Board of Directors or BSC policies.

Personal Attributes

1. Excellent management/Supervisory skills
2. Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
3. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and respond in times of crisis
4. Acquired fluency with BSC policy and practices
5. Desire and ability to work with students
6. Desire and ability to work in a student-run, democratic, cooperative process
7. Ability to stay engaged in lengthy meetings, including regular evening meetings.
8. Willingness and ability to carry an emergency telephone and respond to emergency calls
9. Good sense of humor

Required Qualifications and Experience

1. Minimum of 8 years of progressively responsible management and executive experience
2. Substantial experience in affordable housing and/or property management roles
3. Four-year college degree
4. Experience working with a non-profit Board of Directors
5. Working knowledge of:
a. Business, finance, and budgeting
b. Personnel and labor law
c. Property management
d. Contract law
e. Construction processes
f. Computer systems

Preferred Experience

1. Non-profit Executive Director experience (strongly recommended)
2. Advanced degree (MBA, JD, other)
3. Previous experience living or working in a democratic or cooperative environment
4. Previous experience working with students
5. Extensive Human Resources and/or Organizational Development background
6. Previous experience working with a labor union
7. Previous experience in public relations


Term of job: Indefinite

Compensation: Full-Time, Exempt, Competitive Salary

Immediate Supervisor: Board of Directors

Working Conditions by: Employee Handbook

[Board approved 5/8/14.]