Employee Association Contract

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Section 1. Nature of Agreement

Section 2. Definitions and Classifications of Positions

Section 3. Pay

Section 4. Evaluations and Reviews

Section 5. Cost of Living Adjustment

Section 6. Holidays

Section 7. Vacations.

Section 8. Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Section 9. Health Plan & Sick Leave

Section 10. Other Benefits:

Section 11. Worker’s Compensation and Disability Insurance

Section 12. Jury Duty and Voting Rights

Section 13. Military Duty

Section 14. Meals for Employees

Section 15. Leave Reports

Section 16. Leaves of Absence Without Pay

Section 17. Trial Employment Period

Section 18. Dismissals and Discipline

Section 19. Creation, Alteration and/or Elimination of Positions

Section 20. Retirement

Section 21. Salary Advances

Section 22. Interpretations

Section 23. Appeals

Section 24. Temporary Reclassification of Work Duties and Responsibilities

Section 25. Representation on BSC Board of Directors and Committees

Section 26. Strikes