Dump Run Coordinator

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General Job Description:

The Dump Run Coordinator regularly coordinates and executes dump runs at each BSC unit.

Job Duties:

1. Schedule dump runs with unit-level Habitability Coordinators at each unit.
2. Drive the dump truck to houses and advise members on how to properly load the truck, and help load the truck if necessary.
3. Drive the dump truck to the Berkeley Transfer Station.

Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance:

1. Well-organized, reliable, and responsible.
2. Well-developed communication and time management skills.
3. Ability to drive a flatbed truck.
4. Valid Driver’s license.
5. Ability and willingness to lift 50 lbs. regularly and continuously.
6. Available for three-hour time blocks Monday–Friday, 10am–5pm.

Term of Job: One semester (may be extended based on performance).

Expected Hours per Week: 10

Basic Wage Range: Workshift Rate

Hired By: Maintenance Liaison

Immediate Supervisor: Maintenance Liaison

Working Conditions By: BSC Personnel Code

Created: Spring 2020