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General Job Description

The Cooperative Experience Manager is responsible for helping create and maintain the best possible cooperative living environment in all 20 BSC units, enabling our members to learn, grow, and thrive as people and as students. Specifically, the Cooperative Experience Manager is responsible for member health and safety, member engagement in the democratically run cooperative, and communications to and from the central-level as well as with campus and community resources. S/he is also responsible for overseeing member conduct policies and procedure and ensuring that these processes function smoothly. S/he works closely with student leadership, the Executive Director, and senior management in order to achieve overall organizational objectives. S/he must have the ability and desire to work with students in a student-controlled cooperative environment.

Specific Duties

1. Provides active support and leadership to the BSC's student-run Board of Directors, working collaboratively with the Board, its committees and executive officers, and the Executive Director to develop and implement organizational policies and short and long-range plans.
a. Regularly attends and provides institutional knowledge, continuity and recommendations at Board and Cabinet meetings (as required by the Executive Director).
b. Provides primary staffing to the Education and Training Committee and attends those meetings regularly, providing institutional history and professional context and advice.
c. Serves on other time-limited or special purpose committees or task forces at the request of the Executive Director or Board of Directors.
2. Ensure that Member Resources services and programs are effectively coordinated, advertised, made available to all members, and responsive to members’ needs and desires within the context of limited resources and the affordability aspect of the BSC mission.
a. Ensures that the resources provided by the department, (e.g. health and wellness education/support, conflict resolution, member advocacy, disabled access support, emergency services planning, party safety programs, member event planning, etc.), are based on the needs and desires of the membership.
b. Regularly evaluates and report to the Board regarding the effectiveness of Member Resources services and provides suggestions for improvement.
c. Directly supervises the Member Resources Supervisor.
3. Ensures that house-level managers are adequately trained and supported in order to achieve effective house-level management and cooperative self-governance:
a. Maintains compliance with housing regulations by ensuring that house-level management is trained on BSC, City of Berkeley, and other housing regulations.
b. Oversees all house-level manager trainings at the start of each contract period and participates in trainings, as needed.
c. Suggests and implements improvements to these and other trainings.
d. Ensures that house-level managers are provided with necessary support and guidance by working closely with all house-level manager liaisons.
e. Provides support and guidance to house-level managers, as needed.
f. Ensures that house-level management is supported in creating safe space at the house-level, including conflict resolution, and that member concerns relating to discrimination and harassment are promptly addressed and resolved.
g. Directly supervises the professional Facilities Managers.
4. Works to support and strengthen house operations and procedures overseen by house-level managers and provide support in implementing BSC operational policies in the units, and in improving and making more consistent the current policies and procedures used in unit level operations.
5. Oversees and evaluates the effectiveness of BSC trainings for members.
a. Ensures that all prospective and current members are effectively trained and provided with on-going education in cooperative values and practices, focusing on the rights and responsibilities of membership, the obligations to efficiently and properly operate the individual housing units, and democratic self-governance.
b. Oversees and evaluates New Member Orientations at the start of each contract period.
c. Suggests and implements improvements to these and other trainings.
d. Develops and oversees ongoing general member education in the housing units through various modes of education, including, but not limited to workshops conducted by unit level leadership (with staff help where requested) on various topics such as consent, mental health and other health issues, conflict resolution, disability issues, sexuality and gender identity issues, etc.
e. Actively participates in New Member Orientation and General Membership Meetings.
6. Promotes and assures safety, wellness, and comfort in the BSC Community.
a. Works with members, house-level managers, and other staff to gather input and evaluate BSC house-level program delivery satisfaction.
b. Recommends changes and initiatives designed to improve BSC member experience.
7. Oversees the development and execution of BSC member conduct policies and procedures, regularly evaluates their effectiveness, and recommends/implements improvements.
a. Along with the Member Resources Supervisor, Conduct Hearing Coordinator, and/or other staff, mediates/resolves member complaints and disputes outside of the formal processes whenever possible.
b. Trains and directly supervises the the Conduct Hearing Coordinator
c. Ensures proper training of all conduct staff and committee members.
d. Schedules and attends Appeals Committee meetings, providing institutional history and professional context and advice.
e. Ensures that appeal records are forwarded to the Conduct Hearing Coordinator for archiving and that appellants are notified of the outcome of their appeal.
8. Provides strategic planning for and implementation of an organization-wide communications plan.
a. Establishes and ensures that there is an effective communications program to properly inform all BSC members about matters important in the lives of members and the cooperative as a whole.
b. Establishes and ensures that there are effective mechanisms for regular communication between house and central-level leadership.
c. Strives to be accessible to all BSC members/managers and works to increase communication and visibility, (e.g. by potentially holding office hours, attending house dinners/councils, attending monthly manager meetings, etc.).
9. Develops and administers the annual survey of membership during the three weeks immediately following Spring Break and analyzes and reports the results to Board at least once per year.
10. Promotes organizational commitment to anti-discrimination and inclusion through education, program planning, and policy implementation.
11. Ensures organizational readiness in emergency planning and preparedness.
12. Researches and promotes resources available to our membership from the University of California and other local and government agencies.
13. Any other duties consistent with the mission of the BSC as they may be assigned from time to time by the Executive Director.

Skills/Knowledge Expected for Job Performance

1. Excellent management/supervisory skills.
2. Excellent interpersonal, verbal/ written communication skills.
3. Ability to cope with conflict.
4. Ability to work in a fast-paced office environment and in stress or crisis.
5. Intermediate skill in managing the effective use by others of computer applications to achieve business results (Microsoft Office, business database programs, online business applications, email, etc.)
6. Desire and ability to work with students in a student-controlled cooperative environment.
7. Basic knowledge of personnel policy and practices.
8. The ability to work independently on sensitive, confidential and often complicated issues with tact and political acumen.
9. Ability to develop familiarity with, have respect for and apply consistently, a complex set of organizational policies dealing with the areas of responsibility for this position.
10. Ability to analyze problems/issues, gather data and information, evaluate and recommend alternative solutions, or effect solutions with a tolerance for ambiguity and change, when necessary.
11. Dedication to creating a cooperative, collaborative, creative and highly productive work environment.
12. A mission driven approach to work, and a desire to contribute meaningfully to the BSC and its specific mission of providing affordable, quality, cooperative housing to a population that needs help in order to afford higher education.

Entrance Level Experience/Education Required

1. Four year college degree, and preferably a Masters Degree, in Higher Education, Student Affairs, College Student Personnel, Counseling, Social Work, or a related field.
2. Experience organizing and leading trainings and familiarity with best practices in adult learning pedagogy.
3. Familiarity, in a work setting, with the many and complex issues faced by populations of college students, (e.g. mental health, substance abuse, and other health and wellness issues).
4. Familiarity with the special issues faced by, and the resources available to, students with a wide range of disabilities.
5. At least four years of management and supervisory experience, including multiple professional staff and, preferably, also student employees.

Preferred Experience

1. Significant experience working with a college/university student population, particularly in a residential setting.
2. Experience with and/or involvement in one of more cooperative or collective organizations.
3. Advanced degree or significant continuing education in relevant areas.
4. Experience in conflict mediation.

Additional Requirements

1. Ability to sit for long hours and sustain long hours of computer and keyboard use.
2. The ability to work evenings on a somewhat regular basis is required.
3. Willingness and ability to carry an emergency telephone and respond to emergency calls.

Term of Job: Indefinite

Expected Hours per Week: Full-Time, Exempt

Basic Wage Range: Level 19 to 25

Hired by: Executive Director with Manager Hiring Committee

Supervised by: Executive Director

Working Conditions by: Employee Handbook

Updated: Fall 2018

[Board approved 10/18/18.]