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The mission of the Berkeley Student Cooperative is to provide a quality, low-cost, cooperative housing community to university students, thereby providing an educational opportunity for students who might not otherwise be able to afford a university education.

Guiding Documents

Articles of Incorporation

This document represents our relationship and defines our "identity" as a non-profit with the State of California. Changing these documents would represent a major shift in the nature and mission of the BSC, and would require approval from the State.


This document is our highest-level policy document, which lays down the fundamentals of our organization and how it functions. By-Laws do things like lay out what powers board and the committees and executive have, and define the way that our meetings and voting and things like that work. These also don’t change very often, and are designed to be relatively constant and somewhat abstract.

Policy Directory

These is where the bulk of our actual policies are, and these are the ones that we typically change or add to on board. If you are creating a new policy, chances are it belongs in one of the sections of the Policy Directory. The policy directory is divided into seven sections, enumerated by roman numerals.

Administrative Code (AdCode)

Section II ("Membership and Housing") of the Policy Directory is also known as the Administrative Code, which is sometimes organized separately from the Policy Directory. The important distinction with the AdCode is that AdCom (the administrative committee) has the power to grant exceptions to the AdCode, but not to the rest of the policy manual

Personnel Code (PerCode)

The Personnel Code is a set of policies governing our employment practices.

Employee Association Contract

The contract that applies to members of the Employee Association.

Member Contract

The contract that all applicants have to sign to become members of the BSC.

Miscellaneous Policies

Appendix A: Information for Board Reps

Appendix B: Information for Student Executives

Appendix C: Information for Administrative Assistants

Appendix D: General Organizational Information

Policy Creation and Formatting Guide

Policy Changes By Semester