Appendix E: Job Descriptions

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NOTE: This page is still a work in progress, and will be for some time.

Senior Managers

Professional Jobs

Executive Director

Operations Manager

Finance & Accounting Manager

Cooperative Experience Manager

Human Resources Manager

Operations Assistant

Contracting & Purchasing Agent

Student Jobs

Board Director

Board Administrative Assistant

Hiring Committee Chair

Project Management Intern

Operations Crew

Central-Level Habitability Coordinator


Professional Jobs


Contracting Agent

Student Jobs

Bank Runner

Budget Assistant


Professional Jobs

Bookkeeping Supervisor

Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper

Accounts Payable

Student Jobs

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

Collections Assistant

Central Maintenance

Professional Jobs

Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Liaison

Senior Maintenance Crew Member

Maintenance Crew Member

Student Jobs

Assistant Maintenance Coordinator

Senior Crew

Summer & Temp Crew

Rochdale/Fenwick Maintenance Crew Member

Dump Run Coordinator

Central Food & Supplies

Professional Jobs

CFS Supervisor

Assistant CFS Supervisor

Student Jobs

Food Service Coordinator

CFS Cost Accountant

Central Food & Supplies, Room & Board, and Workshift positions:

Waste Reduction Coordinator

Produce Packing Chief

Produce Assistant


Milk Manager


Office Assistant

Bread Coordinator

Afternoon Delivery Coordinators

Food Service Coordinator

Summer CFS Delivery Driver


Professional Jobs

Development Director


Student Jobs

Development and Communications Assistant

Alumni Coordinator

Recruitment Coordinator

Table Promoters


Professional Jobs

Housing Supervisor

Assistant Housing Supervisor

Cloyne Facilities Manager

Rochdale/Fenwick Apt. Manager

Student Jobs


Housing Assistant


House Runner

Member Resources

Professional Jobs

Member Resources Supervisor

Mental Health Consultant

Conduct Hearing Coordinator

Student Jobs

Member Resources Assistant

Social Manager Coordinator

Health Education Coordinator

Health Worker Coordinator

Emergency Services Coordinator

Disability Access Coordinator

Administrative Member Advisor

Conduct Committee Chair

Conduct Member Advisor

Coordinator of Diversity and Anti Discrimination

Fair Employment Practices Administrator

Peer Support Group Network Coordinator