Administrative Committee Assistant

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General Description:

The Administrative Committee Assistant is responsible for preparing and assisting with the processing of payment extension requests submitted by members. The AdCom Assistant will work closely with the Administrative Committee members to ensure members receive assistance in preparing required financial documentation and facilitate the timely resolution of special payment arrangement requests.

Administrative Committee Assistant Specific Duties:

1. Review all payment extension requests submitted to the Administrative Committee.

2. Work with members to gather required documentation to support their request.

3. Work with Central Office staff (e.g. Accounting, Housing, Operations, etc.) to gather all necessary information related to the member’s request.

4. Along with the Operations Manager, review and determine outcomes of payment extension requests.

5. Monitor approved AdCom payment extensions, send reminders (when possible) and follow up with members who are out of compliance with their approved payment arrangement.

6. Assist with other AdCom and/or Accounts Receivables tasks, including but not limited to, payment arrangement and AdCom request statistics, 15-day notice follow-up, 3-day notice paperwork, as assigned by the Operations Manager.


This job is open to co-op members only and we are looking for someone with the ability to become fluent and consistently and fairly apply BSC policy. This job requires a lot of patience and responsibility. You must be able to work with a diverse group of people. You will need to familiarize yourself with the parliamentary procedures, policies, and practices of the BSC. You may not be a member of the Board of Directors and hold a central level job. You must be a current BSC member and meet student eligibility guidelines to hold this position.


This is a 12 hour/week position, compensated with a rent credit stipend at $22.00/hour for 7 hrs/week and will fulfill your five-hours/week workshift requirement. Apartment residents will receive an additional rent credit stipend for the five workshift hours (at $22/hour), as this job does not replace the workshift requirement at the apartments. If for whatever reason this job begins mid-semester, the stipend will be prorated.