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==[[Section XVII: The Administrative Committee]]==
==[[Section XVII: The Administrative Committee]]==
==[[Section XVIII: Appeals]]==
==[[Section XVIII: Appeals]]==
==[[Section XIX: Firearms]]==
==[[Section XX: Habitability]]==
==[[Section XXI: Apartment Assignment Procedure]]==
==[[Section XXII: Boarders]]==
==[[Section XXIII: Illegal Rent Sharing (Fishing) Policy]]==
==[[Section XXIII: BSC Pet Policy]]==

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Section I: BSC Membership

Section II: Admission of New Members

Section III: Reservations by Existing Members

Section IV: Contract Termination and Disposition of Deposits

Section V: Assignment of Reservations

Section VI: No-Shows

Section VII: Points and Assignment of Rooms

Section VIII: Check-out Procedures

Section IX: Semester Rates

Section X: Non-School Periods

Section XI: Guests

Section XII: Payment of Bills

Section XIII: Delinquent Bills

Section XIV: BSC Payment Extensions

Section XV: Interim Cases

Section XVI: Summer Operations

Section XVII: The Administrative Committee

Section XVIII: Appeals

Section XIX: Firearms

Section XX: Habitability

Section XXI: Apartment Assignment Procedure

Section XXII: Boarders

Section XXIII: Illegal Rent Sharing (Fishing) Policy

Section XXIII: BSC Pet Policy