Waste Reduction Coordinator

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General Job Description: Coordinate recycling, reduction, reuse, and composting activities within the BSC. Train and inform Workshift, Maintenance and Kitchen Managers about pertinent recycling duties. Train, inform and maintain regular communication with Waste Reduction Managers and workshifters about specific recycling duties, and hold monthly informational meetings to discuss recycling/re-use issues.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and disseminate educational materials about proper recycling/reuse/compost practices, signage, and collection schedules.
  2. Provide information about composting service.
  3. Encourage houses to use Green Waste bins for yard waste, leaves, and branches.
  4. Check in regularly with house-level Waste Reduction Managers to assess the adequacy of each house’s bins and collection schedules. Report necessary changes in the size/number of pick-ups at units to the CFS Supervisor.
  5. Coordinate the BSC Reuse and Reduction Program with the Waste Reduction Assistant and house-level Waste Reduction Managers.
  6. Be an accessible resource to all of the BSC in order to answer, or find answers to questions about recycling, reuse, composting, and related activities and services.
  7. Ensure the smooth functioning of the grease recycling process:
a. With the Waste Reduction Assistants, service cooking grease buckets at each house, and bring collected grease to CFS grease storage area.
b. Coordinate pick-up of grease by, an appropriate disposal vendor.
c. Educate houses about proper disposal of grease.
d. Maintain the condition of grease buckets and replace as needed.
8. Coordinate proper disposal of hazardous and/or toxic materials with Maintenance Managers, and Central Maintenance.
9. Research and, if feasible, develop and coordinate recycling/reuse programs for other materials not collected by the City (e.g. Styrofoam, plastics bags, light bulbs, batteries, paint, etc.)
10. Hold regular weekly office hours in CFS.
11. Collaborate with the Sustainability Coordinator to share information, act as a resource to the membership, and streamline BSC sustainability and recycling efforts.
12. Coordinate recycling/reuse efforts in CO and CFS by placing appropriate educational information, signage, bins, and developing waste reduction programs.
13. Chair Waste Reduction Manager Committee Meetings, at least once per month.
14. Produce semesterly newsletter about the state-of-recycling.
15. Maintain a BSC Waste Reduction Manual containing educational materials, recycling contacts, schedules, and other pertinent information.
16. Regularly maintain and submit a detailed work log, outlining hours worked and projects completed.
17. Other tasks as assigned by the CFS Supervisor and/or Board of Directors.

Skills and Knowledge Required:

  1. Familiarity with recycling methods and services; extensive knowledge about recycling, composting, reuse, and reduction preferred.
  2. Ability to drive a truck; valid driver’s license; good driving record.
  3. Ability to manage peers, hold meetings, and self-motivate.
  4. Ability to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly.
  5. Good computer skills, communication skills, and phone conversation skills.

Term of Job: Indefinite; Fall and Spring Semesters Only

Hours per Week: 12 hours per week

Hired By: Hiring Committee

Supervised By: CFS Supervisor

Compensation: Current Workshift Rate

Working Conditions By: BSC Personnel Code