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General Job Description:

The Apartment Manager (AM) is responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of the apartment operations at Fenwick and Rochdale. The AM shall do this by being an active participant in maintaining a cooperative environment at Rochdale/Fenwick through modeling cooperative behavior, maintaining habitability standards, problem-solving between members and managers, and ensuring that all hired and elected student leaders, assistant managers, maintenance crew members, and minor managers are effectively performing their duties and acting in accordance with the needs of apartment members and the BSC.

General Duties:

1. Reside full-time on the premises of Rochdale.
2. Work with unit-level managers to provide quality housing and support academic and community programming at the apartments, seeking outside resources and support from the central-level and the external community as appropriate.
3. Consistently and fairly enforce all Fenwick, Rochdale, and BSC policies.
4. Must carry a mobile phone and be on-call for emergencies; must be willing to work nights and weekends, as needed.
5. Act as a liaison between members, unit-level managers, and the apartments in general to the central-level.
6. Shall meet regularly with and provide reports to the Cooperative Experience Manager, as needed.
7. Is responsible for all official correspondence of the apartments.
8. Work with apartment-level managers and members to resolve conflicts as they arise.
9. The duties of the AM will remain the same throughout Winter Break, Spring Break, and the Summer term.
10. Act as a resource for, and participate in unit-level manager trainings, as needed.
11. Act as a resource for information, assistance, and advice for all BSC unit-level managers, unit-level operations, and Board-level committees, under the direction of the Cooperative Experience Manager.
12. Other duties consistent with the mission of the BSC as required by the Cooperative Experience Manager.

Supervisory Duties:

13. Coordinate apartment-specific training for all new student leaders and managers upon taking office.
14. Shall meet with each Assistant Manager, the Maintenance Manager, President, and minor managers individually at the start of the semester to ensure that each manager is aware of expectations and to plan projects or goals for that manager to complete during the term.
15. Must meet bi-monthly with the management team and with individual managers at each apartment complex as needed in order to ensure that their duties are being effectively executed and that the goals set forth at the beginning of the semester are being fulfilled.
16. Coordinate with the central-level liaison for each unit-level manager to ensure that all apartment and central-level duties are being fulfilled.
17. Attend weekly Council and manager meetings.
18. Shall oversee scheduling and ensure the consistent staffing and coverage of the Rochdale/Fenwick Office, which shall have consistent open hours approved by the CXM and ED. The AM shall cover at least 75% of the hours the office is open and will establish a regular working schedule which must be approved by the CXM and ED. The AM will be required to remain available on-site during scheduled office hour times unless attending to official business elsewhere.
19. Review, approve, and submit timesheets for all student leaders and managers every two weeks.

Operational Duties:

20. Ensure the overall habitability, safety, and security of Fenwick and Rochdale.
a. Work with apartment-level managers, central-level staff, and University officials to ensure that habitability and safety standards are maintained at all times with regard to both living and working areas at the apartments.
b. Oversee habitability improvements including assigning paid workshifts, coordinating with contractors, and proposing projects to be funded from the habitability account, BAPs, HAPs, Decentralized Maintenance, and other funds, as necessary.
c. Monitor and ensure that fire safety prevention and detection devices in the apartments are functioning properly at all times.
d. Maintain hallways and common areas free of obstructions which may pose hazards in an emergency.
e. Act as the apartment Emergency Coordinator by maintaining the Rochdale/Fenwick emergency kits, coordinating semesterly fire drills, and training members in evacuation procedures.
f. Act as the safety organizer at any special event approved by Council as necessary.
g. Oversee security programs in the apartments by: supervising Security Coordinators; performing security checks; ensuring that doors, windows, gates, and security cameras are functioning properly; and following up with external contractors, the central-level, and external agencies as needed to address security concerns and make security-related improvements.
21. Perform additional apartment management duties, including:
a. Maintain the apartment databases and keep an accurate and current list of residents, contact information, room assignments, room conditions, furniture inventories, etc.
b. Give tours to prospective residents and other interested parties as appropriate, in conjunction with Assistant Managers.
c. Communicate promptly and effectively with members prior to their move-in, as well as with prospective members.
d. Oversee the preparation of vacant rooms for new residents.
e. Ensure the smooth check-in of all new residents (in conjunction with Assistant Managers), assign rooms according to Rochdale/Fenwick policy, and ensure that residents have all necessary furniture/services.
f. Conduct Unit-Level New Member Orientations as needed to familiarize new apartment members with BSC policies and the Bylaws/policies of their respective unit.
g. Oversee the management of keys, accessibility devices, and garage clickers; ensure that all residents are provided with necessary equipment, that all devices are accounted for, order new equipment, and re-key/re-program equipment as needed.
h. Maintain a complete set of master keys and assist members with lock-outs.
i. Perform room condition inspections and complete reports for every individual apartment at least once per calendar year, noting the condition of each room, identifying needed maintenance repairs/improvements, and accurately inventorying all BSC furniture.
j. Purchase furniture and supplies for the apartments in order to meet contractual obligations, habitability needs, and/or at the Council’s request.
k. Ensure that all parking spaces at Rochdale are rented to members and/or outside parties, perform parking assignments in accordance with Rochdale policies each term, and promptly submit parking charges to the central-level. Address illegally parked cars as needed.
l. Oversee the move-out process and ensure that members are appropriately checked-out and that Fenwick/Rochdale property and the condition of each room is appropriately documented.

Financial Duties:

22. Oversee apartment-level finances, including:
a. Manage Fenwick and Rochdale’s decentralized accounts and provide regular reporting the each unit’s membership regarding budget-to-actuals and available funds.
b. Manage and balance the Fenwick and Rochdale checking accounts; write checks, maintain/provide back-up documentation, and balance both accounts with the Accounts Payable Bookkeeper each month.
c. Provide a full financial report of all available funds and recent historical trends in spending to each Council at least once per semester.
d. Prepare and submit check-out slips to Central Office for members with outstanding bills and facilitate the resolution of any disputes, as needed.

Skills/Knowledge Expected for Job Performance:

1. Excellent management/supervisory skills.
2. Excellent interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills.
3. Strong conflict resolution skills.
4. Ability to cope with conflict.
5. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and in stress or crisis.
6. Intermediate skill with computer applications (Microsoft Office, business database programs, online business applications, email, etc.)
7. Desire and ability to work with students in a student-controlled cooperative environment.
8. Basic knowledge of personnel policy and practices.
9. The ability to work independently on sensitive, confidential and often complicated issues with tact and political acumen.
10. Ability to develop familiarity with, have respect for, and apply consistently, a complex set of organizational policies dealing with the areas of responsibility for this position.
11. Ability to analyze problems/issues, gather data and information, evaluate and recommend alternative solutions, or effect solutions with a tolerance for ambiguity and change, when necessary.
12. Dedication to creating a cooperative, collaborative, creative and highly productive work environment.
13. A mission driven approach to work, and a desire to contribute meaningfully to the BSC and its specific mission of providing affordable, quality, cooperative housing to a population that needs help in order to afford higher education.

Entrance Level Experience/Education Required:

1. Four year college degree.
2. At least one year of residential management experience.
3. At least one year supervisory experience managing multiple staff and, preferably, also student employees.
4. Familiarity, in a work setting, with the many and complex issues faced by populations of college students, (e.g. mental health, substance abuse, anti-oppression and identity, consent, and other health and wellness issues).
5. Familiarity with the special issues faced by, and the resources available to, students with a wide range of disabilities.

Preferred Experience:

1. Significant experience working with a college/university student population, particularly in a residential setting.
2. Experience with and/or involvement in one of more cooperative or collective organizations.

Additional Requirements:

1. Ability to perform duties in a normal office environment and on-site at BSC properties, both indoors and outdoors in all types of weather.
2. Ability to operate a computer keyboard, printer, copier, fax and telephone.
3. Ability to sit for long hours and sustain long hours of computer and keyboard use.
4. Ability to talk, listen, stoop, kneel, reach, sit, stand, move, climb stairs and traverse uneven terrain, observe and measure physical attributes of room/building/exterior conditions, distinguish shades of color, and engage in repetitive motions.
5. Ability to lift 50 pounds.
6. The ability to work evenings on a somewhat regular basis is required.
7. Willingness and ability to carry an emergency telephone and respond to emergency calls.

Term of Job: Indefinite

Expected Hours per Week: Full-Time, Exempt

Wage Range: Level 9 through 16

Hired by: Staff Hiring Committee

Supervised by: Cooperative Experience Manager

Working Conditions by: Employee Association Contract

On-site apartment offered and off-street parking at Rochdale

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