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General Job Description:

The Operations Supervisor is responsible for assisting house-level managers in meeting BSC and City habitability guidelines. They are responsible for training Workshift Managers, providing ongoing support, and facilitating communication with the central-level. In conjunction with the Operations Manager (OM), They work with all house-level managers and central-level staff to ensure that houses have effective workshift programs, maintain reasonable safety and cleanliness standards, and supports houses in effectively responding to inspection reports and habitability issues. The Operations Supervisor will recommend and approve projects, and regularly coordinate and supervise student/professional cleaning, landscaping, and moving crews related to habitability improvement projects, inspection follow-up, and projects needed for capital improvement and seismic work at individual units.

The Operations Supervisor is also responsible for overseeing pest control services, including training and coordinating treatments and preventative measures with members and professional pest control vendors. The Operations Supervisor is responsible for completing additional projects related to house or central level operations as assigned by the Operations Manager.

Job Maintenance Tasks:

Workshift Program Support

1. In conjunction with the Member Resources Coordinator, develop and conduct Workshift Manager Training.
2. Develop and implement various additional training and resource materials, including workshops, written materials, a Workshift Manager Google site, training videos, etc.
3. Provide on-going support to Workshift Managers, acting as a resource and fulfilling all the liaison responsibilities outlined in the Manager Oversight Policy.
4. Meet individually with all Workshift Managers at their respective units, as required by the Central Level Oversight Policy.
5. Hold monthly Workshift Manager Meetings.
6. Review house-level workshift records and issue conditional contracts, 15-day notices, and process workshift terminations according to the BSC Workshift Policy.
7. In conjunction with the Webmaster, act as a resource for training and trouble-shooting relating to the Workshift Website.
8. Oversee the Central Level Workshift Pool (CLWP), including setting up the pool and assigning temporary and permanent shifts, training Workshift Managers, coordinating with central-level staff, and providing weekly and semesterly CLWP reports to Workshift Managers, Accounts Payable, and the Accountant.
9. Report to the OM if any issues arise with Central Level Workshift Pool that effect central-level operations or services and ensure that they are promptly addressed.

Habitability Program Coordination

1. Coordinate and carry out Habitability inspections as required by the BSC Habitability Code and ensure that all units/members and the appropriate central level liaisons receive detailed reports regarding necessary corrections in a timely fashion.
2. Conduct re-inspections to ensure that correction items are promptly addressed.
3. Organize and supervise cleaning/gardening/maintenance crews to address any items not corrected within the timeframe specified in the inspection reports.
4. Regularly review Clark Pest Control inspection reports and coordinate with house-level managers, Central Food Service (CFS) and Central Maintenance CM) to ensure recommended preventive measures are addressed in a timely fashion.
5. Directly oversee pest control services at the units by conducting pest control training at the beginning of each term, responding to reports of possible pests, and working with house-level managers, members, staff, and professional pest control service providers to promptly address pest control issues at the units.
6. Work with the Safety Committee, CFS and CM to develop and implement an integrated Kitchen/Habitability/Workplace Safety Inspection and follow-up program.
7. Create and oversee systems for tracking and approving paid workshift at the unit-level.
8. Review and approve proposals for habitability projects submitted by individual units.
9. In conjunction with the Operations Manager, make recommendations and develop plans for the use of habitability account funds.
10. Coordinate, train, and supervise member cleaning/landscaping/maintenance crews and professional service providers to complete habitability projects at the units in between each contract periods.

Capital & Seismic Improvement Program Support

1. In conjunction with the Central Maintenance Supervisor and Operations Manager, develop moveout and storage plans for units undergoing seismic retrofitting and other large capital improvement projects.
2. Organize, safety train, and supervise moving and cleaning crews prior to and at the conclusion of such projects.

Skills/Knowledge required for job performance:

1. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
2. Excellent organizational skills.
3. Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects.
4. Ability to work well with a diverse array of people, and students in particular.
5. Ability to organize projects involving multiple stakeholders.
6. Tact, firmness, and a willingness to enforce BSC policy and habitability standards.

Entry Level Experience/Education Required:

1. Two semesters experience as a BSC Workshift Manager preferred.
2. Familiarity with the Central Level Workshift Pool and Workshift Website preferred.
3. Thorough understanding of the BSC policy regarding workshift, maintenance policies and BSC workplace safety guidelines preferred.
4. Previous supervisory experience.
5. Previous training experience.
6. Previous food service experience preferred.
7. Two years college.

Physical Requirements:

1. Ability to perform duties in a normal office environment and at BSC properties, both indoors and outdoors in all types of weather.
2. Ability to talk, listen, stoop, kneel, reach, sit, stand, move, walk on uneven terrain, observe and measure physical attributes of properties, distinguish shades of color, and engage in repetitive motions.
3. Ability to operate a computer keyboard, printer, copier, and telephone.

Term of job: Indefinite Hours per week: 40

Basic pay wage: Hourly, Level 10-14

Hired by: Staff Hiring Committee

Immediate Supervisor: Operations Manager

Contract: BSCEA

[Updated May 2022]