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General Job Description

The Operations Manager oversees the central level departments that constitute the core of the BSC’s centralized operations. Specifically, the Operations Manager supervises the centralized maintenance, food, supplies, housing, and IT operations of the cooperative. They are also responsible for the application of administrative policy, contractual provisions, and, local, state and federal housing requirements. They work closely with student leadership and the Executive Director in order to achieve overall organizational objectives. They must have the ability and desire to work with students in a student-controlled cooperative environment.

Specific Duties

1. Provides active leadership to the BSC's student-run Board of Directors, working collaboratively with the Board, executive officers and the Executive Director to develop and implement organizational policies and short and long-range plans.
a. Regularly attends and provides institutional knowledge, continuity and recommendations at Board and Cabinet meetings (as required by the Executive Director).
b. Provides primary staffing to the Internal Affairs Committee and attends those meetings regularly, providing institutional history and professional context and advice.
c. Serves on other time-limited or special purpose committees at the request of the Board.
2. Oversees the development and execution of administrative policies and procedures at the central-level, regularly evaluates their effectiveness, and recommends/implements improvements.
a. Along with other staff, mediates/resolves member complaints and disputes outside of the formal processes whenever possible.
b. Schedules and coordinates Administrative Committee processes.
c. Trains and supervises the Administrative Committee Chair.
d. Provides primary staffing to the Administrative Committee, and ensures proper training of all committee members, and attends those meetings regularly, providing institutional history and professional context and advice.
3. Oversees regular and preventative maintenance of BSC properties and ensures that maintenance services at the central and house level are responsive to member needs and meet legal requirements.
4. Oversees central-level purchasing, warehousing and food service operations:
a. Ensures the prompt ordering, delivery and cost distribution of quality, low-cost food, furniture and supplies.
b. Ensures house-level compliance with City of Berkeley and/or UC safety and sanitation standards related to food service.
5. Ensures the smooth functioning of housing operations:
a. Ensures that application, assignment, contracting and cancellation processes adhere to BSC administrative policies, contractual provisions and legal requirements.
b. Ensures that Housing staff effectively assists the general public and offers advice and support to House Managers with respect to house/boarder lists, room bids, gender ratios, disability assignments, and other housing assignment issues.
6. Ensures the habitability of all BSC properties:
a. Ensures that Workshift Managers are trained and supported on effective cleaning programs and safety and sanitation standards at the house-level.
b. Ensures that regular habitability inspections occur and that appropriate corrective and improvement measures are taken.
c. Ensures that house-level managers are educated and supported in effectively managing compost, recycling and refuse management, and meet UC, City, state and federal safety and sanitation requirements.
d. Ensures that pest control issues are promptly addressed and resolved.
7. Oversees Information Technology throughout the cooperative, including long-term improvement programs.
a. Regularly evaluates the effectiveness of central and house-level IT functionality and makes recommendations for improvement.
b. Provides project management and supports departmental supervisors and staff in planning and implementing software conversions and long-range IT improvements.
c. Oversees and directs the BSC’s IT consultants in providing desktop support for BSC workstations, servers, etc.
d. Directly supervises the BSC Webmaster and Network Manager Coordinator.
8. Oversees the administration of the central-level workshift pool.
9. Ensures compliance with BSC policies and legal processes pertaining to the rights and responsibilities of the BSC and members as landlord and tenant respectively, and that internal BSC policies are administered and/or enforced:
a. Revises member contracts and leases annually for ongoing compliance with federal, state, local, UC and BSC regulations.
b. Oversees the member eligibility process.
c. Responds to member complaints regarding the BSC’s responsibility as landlord and works with central staff and/or house-level management to ensure the BSC is meeting its obligations.
d. Supports members and/or house-level management in resolving member breach of contract issues.
e. Ensures the proper handling of member terminations and evictions.
f. Investigates and refers issues to AdCom, Cabinet and/or Board as needed.
g. Ensures that members are informed of their rights as tenants and/or appeal rights when contractual issues arise.
10. Acts as a resource to members with questions regarding central-level policy.
11. Oversees the duties of the Executive Director in their absence.
12. Supervises and supports the staff of the Housing, Central Food & Supplies, Purchasing and Central Maintenance Departments as well as the Operations Assistant.
13. Other duties as required by the Board of Directors, BSC policies and/or the Executive Director.

Knowledge Expected for Job Performance

1. Excellent management/supervisory skills.
2. Skills/Excellent interpersonal, verbal/ written communication skills.
3. Ability to cope with conflict.
4. Ability to work in hectic office situation and in stress or crisis.
5. Excellent problem-solving/ trouble-shooting skills.
6. Ability to develop familiarity with, have respect for and apply consistently, a complex set of organizational policies dealing with the areas of responsibility for this position.
7. Basic knowledge of personnel policy and practices.
8. Ability to analyze problems/issues, gather data and information, evaluate and recommend alternative solutions, or effect solutions with a tolerance for ambiguity and change, when necessary.
9. Dedication to creating a cooperative, collaborative, creative and highly productive work environment.
10. A mission driven approach to work, and a desire to contribute meaningfully to the BSC and its specific mission of providing affordable, quality, cooperative housing to a population that needs help in order to afford higher education.

Entrance Level Experience/Education Required

1. Four year college degree.
2. Four years supervisory and management experience. Management experience should involve responsibility for the output of at least two departments within an office environment.
3. Intermediate skill in managing the effective use by others of computer applications to achieve business results (Microsoft Office, business database programs, online business applications, email, etc.)
4. At least one year management experience in property management and landlord tenant relations.

Preferred Experience

1. 1-2 years in a democratic or cooperative living or working situation.

Additional Requirements

1. Ability to sit for long hours and sustain long hours of computer and keyboard use.
2. Willingness and ability to carry an emergency telephone and respond to emergency calls.

Term of Job: Indefinite

Expected Hours per Week: Full-Time, Exempt

Basic Wage Range: Level 20 through 26

Hired by: Executive Director with Manager Hiring Committee Board of Directors

Supervised by: Executive Director

Working Conditions by: Employee Handbook

[Board approved 5/8/14.]