III.C. North American Cooperative Community

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III.C.1. BSC-NASCO Relationship

1.01 All new BSC members will be charged the NASCO (North American Students of Cooperation) membership fee.
1.02 The BSC may help actively any group interested in forming their own co-op; this resolution will not be construed as binding the BSC into financial obligations.
1.03 The BSC will send as many people to NASCO institute as the budget permits.
1.04 BSC attendance and funding guarantees will be regulated as follows:
A. The current BSC President is always eligible to attend NASCO Institute, regardless of previous attendance
B. Funding will be guaranteed for up to one member of NASCO Board to attend NASCO institute
C. Other members are not guaranteed funding for the NASCO institute
1.05 NASCO Institute Attendee Selection Criteria
A. Each ETCom will individually decide on eligibility criteria before publicizing NASCO Institute applications each cycle and will assist in the distribution of this information as much as possible
B. Criteria are as follows (but are not limited to these)
i. Demonstrated BSC involvement
ii. Cooperative knowledge
iii. Commitment to give back to the community
iv. Demonstrated possession of, desire and willingness to share relevant cooperative organizational and personal skills, knowledge and experiences at NASCO Institute
v. Demonstrated interest and involvement in strengthening the BSC-NASCO relationship
vi. Presenting members will be strongly considered
C. ETCom will select the remaining NASCO Institute attendees by apportioning 20% of available spots to members with 0-1.00 points; 40% of available spots for members with 1.25-4.00 points; and 40% of available spots for members with 4.25-above points
D. Attending members should be anonymously ranked using the most financially feasible, available and fair technologies
1.06 Manager and Staff Attendance
A. A staff person will be chosen by STeam (Supervisors Team) to attend the NASCO Staff and Manager Conference and NASCO Institute annually
B. The BSC will also fund either the ED or the OM to attend NASCO Institute on a rotating basis


2.01 We have a contract with the National Coop Bank to provide technical assistance to other coops. The Bank would fund on a case-by-case basis. We have the ability to refuse to provide assistance.


3.01 The BSC shall join the California Cooperative Federation, paying the $100 annual fee.


4.01 Co-opers from other NASCO co-ops may get 3 days of free room and board if they are visiting in the area and a unit is willing to host them.

[Last updated 11/2/2015]