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General Job Description:

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for providing support to the Executive Director in the execution of all Human Resources functions for the BSC. These duties will include a wide variety of professional level human resources functions, including employee recruitment, assisting with hiring processes, overseeing employee orientation and on-boarding, researching and making recommendations regarding benefits plans/programs, administering benefits and compensation programs and policies, assisting with the resolution of employee relations issues, and advising staff members, supervisors, and managers in regards to human resources policies and laws.

Specific Duties:

1. Employment & Recruiting

a) Advertise and recruit for internal and external job applicants, including full-time, temporary, and on-call labor.
b) Conduct research and provide recommendations to improve recruiting practices in order to build the most skilled and diverse student and professional staff team.
c) Regularly review and update BSC job application materials.
d) Help train and provide additional support (along with the ED) to the HiCom Chair in coordinating fair hiring practices consistent with BSC policy and legal hiring practices.
e) Participate in the training of new Hiring Committee members each term.
f) Maintain application and hiring records in compliance with BSC record retention policies.

2. Payroll & Compensation

a) Ensure the timely collection of employee time records.
b) Review all timesheets, timecards, and compensation requests to ensure compliance with wage and overtime laws.
c) Administer voluntary deductions.
d) Prepare payroll information for submission to ADP by the Accounting Department.
e) Review payroll entries before paychecks are disseminated to employees.
f) Review Accounting-generated payroll distributions before turning them over to the Accounting/Office Supervisor for processing.
g) Wage and salary administration:
i. Annual revision of the wage chart; adjust all wages and salaries for cost-of-living increases.
ii. Generate raise and bonus paperwork.
iii. Prepare the central-level student compensation worksheet each term.
iv. Assist with salary/wage scale reviews under the direction of the ED, IACom, and Board.
h) Research and provide wage and work history information disability claims, workers compensation claims, unemployment compensation claims, and other required paperwork.

3. Benefits Plan Design

a) Under the direction of the ED and in conjunction with insurance brokers, conduct research and competitive market analysis for current and prospective BSC benefits plans.
b) Develop and share recommendations with the ED, the Internal Affairs Committee, and Board based on research.
c) Conduct research and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations related to benefit programs (COBRA, HIPAA, ERISA)

4. Benefits Plan Administration

a) Administer all insurance contracts related to benefits (health, dental, life, long-term disability, etc.)
b) Review all benefits invoices, approve expenses, and code to the appropriate accounts.
c) Oversee the coordination of the annual open enrollment process and educate employees on benefit options.
d) Process all employee benefit enrollments and terminations.
e) Maintain vacation and sick leave records.
f) Monitor employee anniversary dates.
g) Act as a resource to employees regarding benefits programs, answer questions, and assist in resolution of disputes/issues between employees and benefits providers.
h) Administer the retirement program.
i) Process employer & employee contributions to the BSC retirement plan.
j) Ensure compliance with COBRA requirements for departing employees and oversee the administration of COBRA benefits for former employees.

5. Personnel Records Management

a) Ensure that new hires receive and complete required forms (I-9, W-4, etc.)
b) Oversee the compilation of and maintain the BSC on-call worker list and records for 1-9 and safety training completion.
c) Maintaining all HR and health-related (HIPPA) files for each employee
d) Maintain personnel file archives
e) Maintain all student and staff job descriptions and job postings; update as changes are made.
f) Maintain annual documentation of compliance of BSC staff, officers and directors with Conflict of Interest disclosure.

6. Labor Law Compliance & Policy Development

a) In conjunction with the ED, conduct research and ensure compliance with all federal and state laws related to employment.
b) Participate and advise in the development and implementation of new policies and practices as necessary.

7. Training and Professional Development

a) In conjunction with senior management and departmental supervisors, ensure the completion of both general and job-specific new employee orientation for each new hire.
b) Regularly review the BSC’s orientation and on-boarding programs, make recommendations for improvement, and assist with development and implementation.
c) Oversee the coordination of and ensure that state mandated workshops and trainings are provided to staff as required.
d) Work closely with senior managers to identify and develop a comprehensive professional development plan for staff (encompassing both group and individual development) and take the lead in researching available trainings/development opportunities, coordinating, and implementing the plan.

8. Employee/Labor Relations

a) Provide advice and help create and maintain effective, appropriate, and constructive feedback mechanisms for employees.
b) Act as a resource to employees to provide information related to personnel policies and procedures.
c) Ensure that internal personnel policies and procedures are followed, including BSC Employee Association Contract, Employee Handbook, and Personnel Code.
d) Act as a resource to address employee conflicts and concerns, including discrimination or harassment complaints.
e) Assist and advise senior management in employee performance management, disciplinary issues, and counseling.
f) Conduct exit interviews with departing employees.

9. Health and Safety

a) In conjunction with the BSC Safety Director, ensure that BSC safety programs fulfill the required safety trainings and programs required for employees.
b) Ensure that all employees receive the necessary safety training required for their specific jobs.
c) Conduct research and provide recommendations for improving BSC safety trainings and safety protocols.
d) Provide safety training to student/professional staff and unit-level managers as needed.
e) Provide driver safety training to student staff and unit-level managers.
f) Oversee the additions/deletions of drivers on the BSC vehicle insurance policy.
g) Maintain employee-specific safety training records.
h) Regularly conduct safety inspections of all central-level work areas.
i) Help ensure the day-to-day compliance with HR and OSHA regulations and safety procedures.
j) Fulfill OSHA 300 reporting requirements.

10. Workers’ Compensation and Accident Policy Management

a) Administer the BSC workers’ compensation insurance program, including preparing data and participating in the annual renewal and audit process.
b) Collect all necessary information, submit DWC-1 forms, and provide employees with necessary information when a work-related injury is reported.
c) Manage open workers’ compensation claims and regularly update management.
d) Administer the BSC accident policy for workshift-related injuries.
e) Collect all necessary information, submit accident claims, and provide workshifters with necessary information when a workshift-related injury is reported.
f) Manage open workshift accident claims and regularly update management.

11. Leave of Absence Management

a) In conjunction with the ED, manage the leave of absence request and approval process, providing all necessary information and paperwork to employees and management.
b) Act as a resource to employees to ensure they are aware of all BSC, state, and federal guidelines and resources available while on leave.
c) Regularly communicate with employees on a leave of absence, collect status reports/updates, and manage other administrative issues as needed.

12. Evaluations

a) Assist the senior management team in executing BSC performance evaluation processes and the ED in performing senior manager evaluations.
b) Research and provide recommendations for improving performance evaluation and management systems for both professional and student staff.

13. Strategic Planning

a) Under the direction and in support of the ED, forecast HR-related needs and provide background and policy recommendations.

14. Reports & Recommendations

a) Research and provide recommendations on benefit plan options and plan design to management and the Board.
b) Provide information and suggestions for on-boarding, training, and safety procedures as needed.
c) Generate payroll and benefit data for annual budgeting process.

15. Assist senior management in the coordination and planning of monthly staff meetings, weekly supervisor team meetings, staff retreats, holiday parties, recognition programs, and other staff activities/events.

16. Other projects as assigned by the Executive Director.

Skills/Knowledge Expected for Job Performance:

1. Ability to work with sensitive information and maintain confidentiality.

2. Excellent interpersonal and verbal/ written communication skills.

3. Ability to multi-task, manage multiple projects, and meet deadlines.

4. Ability to cope with, mediate, and resolve conflict.

5. Ability to work in a fast-paced office environment and in stress or crisis.

6. Familiarity with and the ability to manage both general HRIS database systems as well as specialized benefits and/or payroll software.

7. Intermediate skill in both using and managing the effective use by others of computer applications to achieve business results (Microsoft Office, Google suite, business database programs, online business applications, email, etc.)

8. Desire and ability to work with students in a student-controlled cooperative environment.

9. Thorough knowledge of labor law and best practices in personnel policies and management.

10. The ability to work independently on sensitive, confidential and often complicated issues with tact and political acumen.

11. Ability to develop familiarity with, have respect for and apply consistently, a complex set of organizational policies dealing with the areas of responsibility for this position.

12. Ability to analyze problems/issues, gather data and information, evaluate and recommend alternative solutions, or effect solutions with a tolerance for ambiguity and change, when necessary.

13. Dedication to creating a cooperative, collaborative, creative and highly productive work environment.

14. A mission driven approach to work, and a desire to contribute meaningfully to the BSC and its specific mission of providing affordable, quality, cooperative housing to a population that needs help in order to afford higher education.

Entrance Level Experience/Education Required:

1. Four year college degree.

2. A minimum of 4 years (FTE) experience in human resources, personnel administration, and/or labor law compliance.

3. Significant experience developing and providing individual and group professional development opportunities and trainings for staff.

4. Previous experience with online HRIS database systems, benefits management systems, as well as payroll management software.

Preferred Experience:

1. Undergraduate degree and/or significant continuing education in Human Resources management.

2. Experience in conflict mediation and performance management counseling.

3. Experience with and/or involvement in one or more cooperative or collective organizations.

4. Previous experience with online training and education platforms.

Additional Requirements:

1. Work is performed in a normal office environment and requires the ability to operate a computer keyboard, 10-key calculator, and engage in repetitive motions.

2. Ability to occasionally work evenings and/or weekends to attend Board/committee meetings, trainings, hirings, and/or events.

Term of Job: Indefinite

Expected Hours per Week: Full-time, Exempt

Basic Wage Range: Level 17 to 22

Hired by: Hiring Commission

Supervised by: Executive Director

Working Conditions by: BSC Employee Handbook