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General Job Description

The Finance and Accounting Manager is responsible for the supervision of the financial operations of the BSC. They must have the ability and desire to work with students in a student-run cooperative environment.

The Finance and Accounting Manager is responsible for producing and maintaining the financial records and information necessary for house-level managers to effectively manage their units and for the Board of Directors and the Executive Director to fulfill their obligation to ensure the long-range fiscal solvency of the organization. Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Finance and Accounting Manager makes reports and recommendations on financial information, analyzes financial data, participates in policy recommendations, helps analyze acquisition opportunities or other expansion possibilities, and ensures that proper internal controls are in place to fulfill management’s fiduciary responsibilities.

Specific Duties

1. Supervise the Bookkeeping Supervisor to ensure the successful operation of accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll processing, and other related tasks.
2. Supervise the Contracting Agent and organization’s vendor selection process, ensuring that contracts for regularly provided goods and services are regularly competitively bid, documented, and that vendors files are appropriately maintained.
3. Supervise the HR Administrator and oversee the benefits administration process, related compliance issues, and other administrative human resources functions.
4. Hire, discipline and fire employees of the Finance and Accounting Department in accordance with the BSC EA contract and Personnel Code.
5. Maintain the General Ledger, General Journal. Oversee other journal maintenance (cash receipts, adjustments, cash disbursements, etc.).
6. Prepare annual, semesterly, and monthly budgets.
7. Prepare and analyze periodic financial statements, including but not limited to, balance sheets, income statements, capital assets, cash reports, and other reports, as needed.
8. Prepare and submit annual and quarterly reports: Sales tax returns, welfare tax exemptions, IRS, Franchise Tax Board, Registry of Charitable Trusts, HUD, etc.
9. Under the direction of the Executive Director, provide support in the fiscal oversight and planning necessary for BSC assets.
10. Oversee the BSC bank accounts and signers and ensure the organization maintains adequate cash flow. Prepare regular cash flow projections.
11. Authorize/sign relevant disbursements; direct bank transfers as necessary.
12. Oversees the fulfillment of on-going financial obligations, such as monthly mortgage and lease payments, insurance premiums, and other annual recurring expenses.
13. Under the direction of the Executive Director, prepare for and work with auditor in annual audit process, including implementation of management letter recommendations.
14. Maintain house accounts for 20 separate housing units of the BSC and prepare decentralization reports. Balance house account and decentralization reports semesterly. Grants and collects house loans and advances. Performs semesterly audits of house-level financial accounts.
15. As necessary, participates in policy making, budgeting, and fund allocation with managers, the Board, and its committees.
16. Provides regular reports and recommendation to Board and management on budgets and cash, fund and asset balances.
17. Regularly Attends Committee and Board meetings, as needed.
18. Keeps financially relevant statistics and reports to Board and other management as required.
19. Provide continuity and history for Board and committees at the direction of the Executive Director.
20. Under the direction of the Executive Director, prepare and analyze reports reflecting the financial trends of the organization.
21. Offer advice and other services regarding finance and accounting issues to other house and central-level managers, staff and committees, at the direction of the Executive Director.
22. Provide input regarding information technology and program modifications to ensure that the financial team’s needs are met.
23. Supervise the Budget Intern and/or workshift positions as needed.
24. Other projects as assigned by the Executive Director

Skills/Knowledge Expected for Job Performance

1. Thorough knowledge of accounting principles and practices for medium-sized non-profit corporation.
2. Excellent organizational and record-keeping skills.
3. Attention to detail and follow-through.
4. Intermediate computer skills, including Microsoft Office, Excel and database experience.
5. Ability to type at least 50 words per minute and operate a 10-key calculator quickly and accurately.
6. Ability to acquire familiarity with BSC financial policies, revenue and expenses, compensation systems, chart of accounts, and regularly ordered goods/services.
7. Ability to work independently, adhere to deadlines, and prioritize multiple demands.
8. Good oral and written communication skills.
9. Patience, thoroughness, and tact.
10. Ability to interact with a diverse array of individuals and students in particular.
11. Ability to work in a fast-paced office environment.

Entry Level Experience/Education Required

1. Four year college degree in accounting/ finance.
2. Minimum of four years of work experience in the area of accounting or finance.
3. Experience with standard accounting/ bookkeeping/ payroll and office record-keeping systems, both electronic and manual.
4. Intermediate computer skills, including Microsoft Office, Excel and database experience, and familiarity with non-profit accounting systems.
5. At least two years of supervisory and management experience.

Preferred Entry Level Experience/Education

1. Certified Public Accountant
2. Previous experience with non-profit financial management

Additional Requirements

Work is performed in a normal office environment and requires the ability to operate a computer keyboard, 10-key calculator, and engage in repetitive motions.

Term of Job: Indefinite

Expected Hours per Week: Full-time, Exempt

Basic Wage Range: Salaried: Level 20 to 26

Hired By: Manager Hiring Committee

Supervised by: Executive Director

Working Conditions By: Employee Handbook

[Revised and approved by the Board May 2013.]